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End-To-End Governance. Built for the Whole Team

Apply governance using Magalix enterprise-grade policy-as-code platform. Secure unify, and run compliant infrastructure

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Bring Your Team Up to Highest Standards of Kubernetes

Use the Right Tool for the Whole Team

We understand that it is hard to keep up with the increasing complexity in Kubernetes while advancing your infrastructure and systems. Magalix uncovers the unknowns and helps you focus on what will make a difference. Bring all your team to the highest standard you want for your organization and infrastructure.

Built it Advisor fin

For DevOps/Infra Engineers 

DevOps and infra teams have significant responsibilities to run secure, reliable, and efficient infrastructure. In addition, they have to empower developers to move fast without breaking infra or apps. Magalix helps DevOps and infra teams manage the ever-increasing complexity of Kubernetes, cloud-native apps, and keeping their team productive


Kubernetes & Apps Governance

It is hard to keep thousands of containers, configurations, and VMs compliant all the time. Magalix helps you to implement tight and flexible governance across the whole stack. Enforce both your own standards and industry best practices.


Kubernetes Scalability & Resources Management

Many variables impact the scale of your cluster. Allocating the right CPU/memory to pods and containers has been a challenge for many teams. Eliminate the guesswork, and empower your team to apply the right values without impacting the stability of infrastructure and apps.

Configurations Management

      Kubernetes Guardrails          

Make sure that only compliant and safe changes are applied to your clusters. Magalix catches and reports early on any changes that may violate your policies or not following the recommended best practices.

For Security Engineers

In order to keep infrastructure and applications tightly secured, security engineers have a lot of moving parts to take care of. By using Magalix as one common system that spans all your Kubernetes clusters, whether public, private, or hybrid, security teams are able to enforce policies that accomplish cloud governance projects of all kinds — security, compliance, cost-saving, and more. Help your teams deliver faster with safety and confidence

OPA as SaaS

Policy as Code

Use the Rego policy language, cloud-native, and open-source Open Policy Agent interfaces to author flexible policies for your developers, with the right guardrails.

Early Discovery

Early Discovery & Fix

Catch violations early on and prevent changes that may jeopardize your infrastructure or your users’ data.

Enforce Standarts

Enforce Standards

Enforce policies at code or build time to prevent security gaps or vulnerabilities without overloading your SecOps team.

For Engineering Leaders

Building world-class infrastructure requires teams focused on achieving operational excellence using the best tools. Magalix proven framework helps startups who want to get to be production-ready in a weekend, to enterprises managing complex, multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters with thousands of applications. We bring DevOps, SecOps, and developers together to run secure, resilient, and efficient cloud-native infrastructure



Help your teams adopt modern container and cloud-native architectures across your applications and infrastructure, from Developers to DevOps.

Agile Operations

Agile Operations

Accelerate your team’s journey to build modern cloud-native infrastructure by helping them to create clear Kubernetes governance and guardrails mechanisms.



Robust security, compliance, and auditing tools with an extensible policy engine for enforcing any organization's best practices.

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