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Continuous Compliance Assessment

Prevent infrastructure drift by continuously monitoring and reporting violations. Empower teams to build secure IaC with immediate feedback. Keep everyone on the same page with detailed compliance reports.

Continuous Security and Compliance Checks

Enforce cloud security and best practices at the build and deployment time.

Whether your IaC is expressed in terraform, Cloud Formation, or manifest files Magalix identifies changes causing violations for easy and quick mitigation before they leak into production infrastructure.  By embedding before deployment via infrastructure as code CI/CD pipelines, Magalix prevents new cloud security issues from being deployed into the run-time.


Cloud Security & Compliance Posture Reports

Visualize risks. Uniformly assess your compliance across all assets.

Benchmark against requirements for PCI-DSS, CIS, HIPAA, SOC2, and more. Get snapshots of your cloud security posture and monitor it over time. Export reports against compliance benchmarks.

Cloud Security & Compliance Posture Reports

Detailed Issue Analysis

Understand why an issue was reported, how it can be fixed, and its history

Not only do we help you find issues - we help you fix them too. For each workload or container issue, Magalix reports on it along with its collected evidence. Then you can get guidance on fixing the issue, and track it overtime if it recurs.

Detailed Issue Analysis

Codified IaC and Cloud Security

Embed Magalix in your development lifecycle to automate your cloud security.

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Implement the proper governance and operational excellence in your Kubernetes clusters.

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