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Magalix Introduces the Cloud-Native Application Policy Pack

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Codified Cloud Security

Magalix shifts left cloud security with DevOps mindset. Codify policies, provide early remediations,
and streamline the entire process from code to cloud.

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Hit the ground running with 100s of built-in policies and templates

Go from zero to 60 miles with included policies and templates to identify improvements in security, network, resources allocation, and other critical areas for your cloud security posture management.

Magalix In-Depth


Get Started Quickly

Integrate Security into CI/CD

Enforce cloud security and best practices at the build and deployment time.

Whether your IaC is expressed in terraform, Cloud Formation, or manifest files Magalix identifies changes causing violations for easy and quick mitigation before they leak into production infrastructure.  By embedding before deployment via infrastructure as code CI/CD pipelines, Magalix prevents new cloud security issues from being deployed into the run-time.

Integrate Security into CI/CD

Centralized Policy Management

Manage all policies in one place with a powerful policy as code engine.

From one console create, validate and distribute policies across all your cloud infrastructure. Use Magalix advanced  playground to write and test policies before enforcing them. Whether you know how to write policies or not, our templates help you tighten your security and compliance posture in a snap.


Centralized Policy Management

Dynamic DevSecOps Culture

Use your DevOps tools to build DevSecOps playbooks and workflows.

Streamline DevSecOps culture with tools you already  use like Slack and Jira. Extend and accelerate compliance efforts beyond slow reactionary mode. Integrate with dozens of your favorite DevOps tools to create alerts, tickets, notifications, or custom dashboards. Connect your team with the right data using the tools they love!

Dynamic DevSecOps Culture

Codified IaC and Cloud Security

Embed Magalix in your development lifecycle to automate your cloud security.

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Implement the proper governance and operational excellence in your Kubernetes clusters.

“We are on a mission to add intelligence to applications and infrastructure so you can focus on what truly requires human intelligence.”