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Cloud DevSecOps

Embrace cloud DevSecOps by embedding cloud security directly into development workflows and tools.
Prevent violations and insecure configurations leaking into your cloud. Do it as a team!

Dynamic DevSecOps Culture

Use your DevOps tools to build DevSecOps playbooks and workflows.

Streamline DevSecOps culture with tools you already  use like Slack and Jira. Extend and accelerate compliance efforts beyond slow reactionary mode. Integrate with dozens of your favorite DevOps tools to create alerts, tickets, notifications, or custom dashboards. Connect your team with the right data using the tools they love!

Dynamic DevSecOps Culture

Secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Intercept violations early on. Empower everyone to ship secure infrastructure.

Validate the security of infrastructure as code. Use tested, and verified policies libraries to identify configuration errors like missing encryption, secrets, weak security group roles, and more.

Secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Integrate Security into CI/CD

Enforce cloud security and best practices at the build and deployment time.

Whether your IaC is expressed in terraform, Cloud Formation, or manifest files Magalix identifies changes causing violations for easy and quick mitigation before they leak into production infrastructure. By embedding before deployment via infrastructure as code CI/CD pipelines, Magalix prevents new cloud security issues from being deployed into the run-time.

Integrate Security into CI/CD

Codified IaC and Cloud Security

Embed Magalix in your development lifecycle to automate your cloud security.

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Implement the proper governance and operational excellence in your Kubernetes clusters.

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