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Get the right visibility across all of your clusters. Understand infrastructure trends and drill down into the right level of detail with just 2 clicks.

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360 View of Status Across All Clusters & Workloads

A Bird's Eye View, Without Losing the Details

Magalix integrates with Kubernetes clusters and delivers visibility to all your clusters and workloads.

In an instant, you can visualize all clusters, their reported issues, resource utilization, and more.

Questions about what we do in your cluster? View our documentation here.

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Power Search Visibility

A Single Search Bar to Visualize All Clusters and Workloads

Find any Kubernetes object across all your clusters from one universal search bar. Navigate to that Kubernetes object’s reported issues and policies.

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Issues Dashboards and Trends

Get Visibility of All Policies and Advisors Scan Results

Magalix proactively scans your Kubernetes objects and reports their compliance against best practices.

Our dashboards give you reports on a per-issue basis, and show you all entities that are not compliant. You can drill down on each entity recommendation to fix the reported issue, assign it to your teammates, and watch its progress.

Issues Dashboards and Trends

See in-depth Analysis of Reported Issues

Learn Why an Issue is Reported, See the Evidence, and How it Can be Fixed

Magalix provides a detailed analysis of each reported issue.

The Recommendation screen explains why the issue was reported with a detailed, easy to read description. You will also see collected evidence that made that reported issue. You will be able to see instructions on how to fix that issue and make sure it is not reported again.

Finally, you can see the object’s history, and understand what to do if it ever occurs again.


Continuous Compliance Checks

Continuous Compliance Checks. Best of All - Stay on Top of Compliance with Cloud-Native Best Practices Continuously

Magalix provides checks against both Magalix built-in policies and your custom policies to the best community standards, and your specific standards. Magalix provides an at-a-glance view of your compliance details at the cluster, workload, or policy level on areas of non-compliance.


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