Team Productivity

Boost your team’s productivity with Kubernetes with Magalix. Give your team the right visibility, pre-configured and flexible rules, and assign issues to their owners so your team can understand Kubernetes while adopting cloud-native.


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Bring Your Team Onboard in a Snap

It is Hard to Collaborate on the Best Kubernetes Configurations and Specs in a Vacuum. For That, You Need Your Team.

Tackle the complexity of cloud-native technology together, by adding as many users as you need to your account. Share the plan and share ownership with them.

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Educate Your Team on the Job

Save Your Team’s Time on Hard to Understand Kubernetes Documentation

The Kubernetes docs are great - for one cluster. As CNCF members we love them, and they've saved our clusters more than once!

But with Magalix, team members get a detailed explanation of each reported issue. They learn about why an issue is reported, see the collected evidence, and get detailed instructions on how to fix the issue, with links to the kubernetesio docs where relevant.

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Your Own Rules. Your Own Documentation

Share the Right Knowledge at the Right Time

With custom advisors, you can write detailed documentation using markdown and connect them to your more detailed policies and documentation, wherever you host it. No new languages, no complicated testing - just markdown.

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Built-in Policies and Advisors

Boost Team Confidence Immediately

With the built-in cloud-native community policies and advisors, your team can get a detailed analysis of the basics of Kubernetes security, observability, and efficiency.

Our pod security, resources, observability, and nodes advisors will guide your team to apply the best practices. No matter how large or small your clusters.

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