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Kubernetes Optimization

Optimize Kubernetes resources to improve application efficiency, reliability, and performance. Get insights and recommendations to allocate the right amount of resources to balance efficiency with performance. 

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Get the Right Analysis in Place

It is Hard to Create the Right Dashboards and Metrics to Track Resources

Magalix monitors CPU and memory allocation and utilization for each pod continuously. The Magalix Resources Advisor analyzes usage patterns and uses statistical methods to estimate the right amount of CPU/memory that your pods need.

Get the Right Analysis in Place

Comprehensive and Easy to Understand Recommendations

Don’t Juggle between Different Dashboards to Get it Right

In one view, see recommended resources, collected metrics, proposed limits and requests, and reasoning for why you should update your pod and node settings.


All Scenarios Considered

Don’t Worry About the Possible Changes. Focus on What Makes a Difference

Magalix considers all the possible resources configurations and categorizes them into 6 main groups so that you can tackle them based what you're trying to optimize for, whether it's app performance and UX, cost, or both.

Automation Fin

Optimize Resources in a Snap

Select and Apply Optimization with One Click

Apply resources optimization from Magalix console as many times as you want, in real-time. You will get real-time feedback on each applied change. Nervous about delegating to the Magalix agent? You can revert changes with just one-click.

Automation Fin

Continuously Optimize your Kubernetes resources

Get the cloud-native community's best practices and be ahead of the game quickly, confidently, and securely.