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Kubernetes Governance

Gain visibility and control over your clusters. Enforce your team’s best practices and organizational standards without sacrificing development agility & operational excellence.

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Scale Governance

Help Your Team Get Up to Speed with Guidance on Complex Governance and Compliance Issues.

Magalix provides you an easy way with markdown to add a policy description and instructions that are shared automatically with team members whenever a violation takes place.

Perform on the job training by explaining to your team how to fix a policy violation. Use all the flexibility of markdown to express your thoughts and scale your impact. Your team will be able to understand violations and fix them much faster than conventional code reviews


Streamline Complex Governance and Legal Requirements

Enforce Best Practices and Organizational Conventions with Flexible and Powerful Policies.

The Magalix Advisors framework enables you to build any and all policies you need to achieve your governance goals for your organization. No need to write complex code or scripts to bring awareness of the cluster state and all its objects - achieve what you need with simple, legible policies.

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Apply Governance Standards Across All K8s Clusters with a Single Click

Stop Maintaining Hundreds of Policies for All Your Different Clusters. Write it Once. Apply it Anywhere.

Write your policy once in the Magalix console and select which clusters you want that policy to be applied at. Save a lot of time managing policies applied at different clusters. Scale your best practices no matter how many clusters you have

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Ready to increase team productivity with uniform governance standards?

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