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Save up to 80% on your cloud infrastructure costs. Understand how resource utilization, application UX and performance, and cost work in cloud-native. Help your engineering teams achieve their goals.

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Get Insights to Understand Your Cloud Costs

Cloud Costs are Complex to Unravel. Know Exactly How to Proceed with Your Detailed Pricing Plan Analysis

Magalix Node Advisor sits in your clusters and analyzes your resource usage, making discrete recommendations for node size and type to reduce your cloud costs.

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Automate All Possible Missed Optimizations

With Magalix, You Can Beat Industry Standards with Infrastructure Automation, and Concentrate on Delivering a Great UX to Your Users

Google Cloud found that the majority of their new users are overprovisioned by up to 50%*. Get detailed analysis and recommendations to optimize your Kubernetes cluster workloads based on our detailed machine-learning analysis of all companies who connect to Magalix

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Proactively Plan for Company Growth

Proactively Plan for Company GrowthPlan for Your Company’s Growth with Real Data and Ongoing Automation, Not Intuition and Best Guesses.

Node Advisor sits in your cluster and gives you a daily analysis of your infrastructure costs. This includes:

(1) selecting the right VM types

(2) selecting the right VM groupings. Our technology works on any cloud - AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, as well as managed platforms like Rancher, and most on-prem solutions.

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Hi, Save up to 80% on your cloud infrastructure costs

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