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Configuration Management

Easily track and enforce the right configurations in your Kubernetes clusters. Hit the ground running with cloud-native community configurations, or build your own configuration policies and workflows.

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Leverage Cloud-Native Best Practices

Hit the Ground Running with the Out-of-the-Box Magalix Configuration Advisor

In just a few minutes, you can get a detailed configuration analysis with suggested fixes. Our verified and proven policies cover your cluster’s security, observability, and efficiency.

Our pod security policies advisor, for example, identifies configuration violations related to privileged containers, processes running as root, privilege escalations, and other compliance issues with industry standards.

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Prevent Pod and Object Misconfigurations

It is Hard to Effectively Monitor and Manage the Plethora of Kubernetes Workloads and Objects

Resources optimizations are applied to achieve various objectives, such as performance improvement, utilization needs, or cost savings. Select your objective and automate optimizations based on your goals.

Built-in Advisor

Assess Your Security Risk

Audit Kubernetes RBAC

The Magalix RBAC advisor analyzes Kubernetes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) settings to understand user and service account privileges and applies this context to determine misconfigurations and inform risk assessment.

Assess Your Security Risk

Enforce Your Own Configuration Policies

It is Hard to Enforce Static or Pre-Canned Policies on All Clusters

With full OPA support, you can craft your own configuration policies and enforce your own standards. You can create generic policies to be applied to all your clusters or you can make them as narrow as necessary for application to a specific pod, namespace, container, ingress, or any other Kubernetes object.

KubeAdvisor New

Easily Apply Configurations Across All Clusters

Scale Your Policies with Your Infrastructure and Operations

With Magalix custom advisors, you don’t need to install complex workloads on your clusters and reapply policies separately. Define your policies and rules once and apply them to all your clusters. There are virtually no limitations.

Easily Apply Configurations Across All Clusters

Apply Policies with Precision

Catch Exceptions That Should be Handled Differently

Customize our policies to handle specific Kubernetes configurations or objects in different ways. Write policies that are applicable only in certain environments, namespaces, or even when objects have special properties.

Apply Policies with Precision

Need to track & enforce the right K8s configurations?

Get the cloud-native community's best practices and be ahead of your game quickly, confidently, and securely.