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Fireside Chat

The Unspoken Challenges
of SecDevOps in Fintech

In-Depth: Security and compliance in
the evolving cloud-native space.

Thursday, February 18th, 2021
10:00 AM PST

[Webinar Replay]


In the fast-paced world of cloud-native and frequent code changes, the attack surface and risk profiles change just as quickly - giving rise to the SecDevOps.

As companies embrace SecDevOps, new challenges arise as different teams need to learn new concepts and technologies that aren't normally associated with their day-to-day responsibilities. Now, DevOps teams need to learn how to secure their software and infrastructure, while security teams adapt to a rapid delivery environment.

Aside from the new skills that need to be learned, a common thread between software, ops, and security teams must be established. With varying goals and different perspectives to boot, coming to that common understanding is where most run into their first set of unspoken challenges.

Join us in the upcoming fireside chat with Scott Surovich, HSBC's Global Container Engineering Lead, as we have an honest discussion about navigating the cultural and technical challenges of the journey to SecDevOps.

You will get to hear and learn about:

  • The technical and cultural challenges of shifting security left and how to overcome them.
  • Build a common thread between Devs, Ops, and Security teams. 
  • How policies, workflows, and analytics are 3 pillars in establishing a secure Cloud-Native environment
  • How to get your Cloud-Native security initiatives off the ground