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How to Prepare for an Interview at Magalix

Magalix Magalix Culture
How to Prepare for an Interview at Magalix
Magalix Magalix Culture

I often get asked by candidates: what do I need to do to prepare for an interview at Magalix? And, what do I need to do to successfully pass a Magalix interview?

This article will give you an overview of what Magalix looks for in potential employees and provide you with some guidelines to set you up for success during the interview process.

Assessment Goes Beyond the Technical

At Magalix, we highly value competent and skilled candidates, but that’s not all that we are looking for. We look for people who fit and will be compatible with our current values and culture. We conduct two types of interviews:

  • Technical Interview: this will assess if you are well equipped to handle the job that you’ve applied for
  • WeCulture Fit Assessment: an assessment if you will fit in with Magalix culture and work environment.

What is the Culture Fit Assessment?

Culture fit is about personality.

It isn’t necessarily about being clones of each other, but it is about a close enough affinity to the values to get on with everyone else and work in the same way. We are a small knit group of employees who live the Magalix values on a daily basis. And that’s why we strive to grow our community with others who are familiar with our values and welcome them.

The Job seekers are often at a loss for how to show culture fit during an interview. And although it can indeed be difficult, it’s far from impossible - you just need to follow a few best practices first.

Understanding the Magalix Values

Preparation is vital for all interviews, but with a startup, you’ve got to prove you know a lot about the company, and it’s culture. The first step in demonstrating culture fit is knowing what Magalix’s culture entails.

Our culture is built on the following core values:

  • Start with the Customer: Build the right thing.
    Start with the customer and work backward. It is about delivering the "right" things.
  • Strive for Operational Excellence: Build it right.
    Deliver "robust" and "stable" solutions. It is about delivering things "right"
  • Have a Bias for Action: Just Do It.
    Get things done and be accountable. Keep moving and own your tasks, your systems, your successes, and your failures.
  • Be Curious: Ask why.
    Question why things are the way they are. Dig deeper to understand what is under the hood.
  • Be Innovative: Ask why not.
    If you only listen to your customers, you will fail. Innovate on their behalf and think outside the box.
  • Deliver Results: Measure success.
    You can't achieve what you can't measure, and activity does not mean progress. Be result-oriented and data-driven.

Behavioral Interview Questions

  • We use behavioral questions to dig into past achievements and to predict future performance. Behavioral questions are those that give us insight into your personality and emotional intelligence in the workplace.
  •  Focus on past achievements that highlight your abilities in leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, conflict resolution, Curiosity, innovation, and learning from failure.
  • As Tips 💬 from Magalix, you can use the STAR method⭐ to answer behavioural questions.

Last Few Tips

There are a few things you can do to get a better sense of Magalix’s culture before your interview. First, read about Magalix online, Do your research about Magalix, Product, technology, and the Job description.

  • Come prepared as much as you can.
  •  Learn more about Magalix, our product, and technology
  • Check out Magalix Engineering Interview Guide
  • Answer questions as briefly as possible and give a chance to the interviewer to steer the discussion in the right direction. Talking too much while answering a question doesn’t improve your acceptance chances.
  • Listen 👂to the question carefully and make sure you answer the right question. Don’t get into tangential issues unless your interviewer asked you to dig deeper into the specifics of your answer.
  • If the interviewer asks to tell him/her about the last time or a situation that you faced such and such, make sure to remember a specific situation and talk about that specific situation. Talking in generality or what should be done but not mentioning a specific example doesn’t help your interviewer to understand you more.
  • Please ask questions to clarify. Some questions might be vague on purpose so that you ask questions and clarify what you are solving for.
  • We are interested in how you think 🤔 more than what you know. If you don’t know the solution, say that you don’t know but try to propose a solution in light of what you know so far.
  • Think loudly📢 and share your thought process with the interviewer. Having a long period of silence won’t help. Help the interviewer to hear👂 your inner thinking voice 😀.

For everyone interested in joining the Magalix journey, I’m sure you will have a different experience with a different taste!

If you are up for an interesting journey, apply, and let's have a chat! , we would love to have a chat with you!

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