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Why is Working at Magalix Different?

Magalix Magalix Culture
Why is Working at Magalix Different?
Magalix Magalix Culture

After one year at Magalix, I think it’s the best time now to write about my experience. Starting from day one, I knew that my job at Magalix is remarkably different. I could spot one important difference, between my former experiences and my new one with Magalix, that is "documentation"📄. 

In many companies whether in Egypt or elsewhere, the very known rhetorical question any HR employee would ask is "who cares about writing and documenting ?!!" Indeed,

Since day one, I was surprised that I had, and still have, to write all the HR procedures for all the daily HR tasks. In the beginning, I saw that it was never an easy job at all. After my first week, I was extremely exhausted as I found that I spent half of each working day "documenting" all the HR procedures. I had a strong HR inner voice that told me," can you imagine how much work you could have finished at the same time you spent writing all of these documents ?". After a few months, it became one of my newly acquired habits. With time, I learned that it is one of the best ways, if not the best, to help me be more organized, efficient, and consistent. For example, if I wanted to prepare for an orientation session, for the new hires, I didn't need to spend one or two hours to inform any of the new hires about Magalix, the employee's job description, or policy. All I needed to do was just press a button🖰 with one click and send all the documents to the new hires so that they would know every single detail about Magalix, without missing a point.

I now believe that these documents help guide employment decisions as well as future actions. Because of such documentation, the company’s employees can easily recognize any failure and work on action plans avoiding any future downfalls. I believe what is acceptable now might not be acceptable in the future, and that also shapes what I love about Magalix, which is that we always think beyond what is possible; we bounce back quicker and more resilient than we ever started in every each respect.

For instance, technical-wise, everyone in the technical team documents to keep the developers aligned with the technical best practices and out the technical workflow plus reports any incident which he or she has faced with the system and how he or she has solved this issue for future reference. As a result, they guarantee these issues can be solved easily at any other time without any consumption of time, on the contrary, saving time⌛ to innovate new things.

Based on my experience, I learned and acquired a lot of skills. one of which is writing. 

Honestly, I thought it is a natural ability to write, but after my experience with Magalix, I found it is a skill to be learned and acquired.

I believe that everyone joined Magalix has a different experience and learning something new, for everyone interested in joining the Magalix journey, I’m sure you will have a different experience with a different taste! 

If you are up to for an interesting journey, apply, and let's have a chat! , we would love to have a chat with you! Check out Magalix Jobs(Link)

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