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What’s the Story Behind Cairo Kubernetes Meetup?

Magalix meetup
What’s the Story Behind Cairo Kubernetes Meetup?
Magalix meetup

What’s Kubernetes and Why is This Meetup for Kubernetes Technology Only?

Kubernetes☸ was built by Google based on its own experience running containers in production, and it surely owes much of its success to Google’s involvement. Google has some of the most talented software developers on the planet, and it runs some of the largest software services by scale. This combination ensured that Kubernetes would become a rock-solid platform that can meet the scaling needs of virtually any organization.

These days, developers are called on to write applications that run across multiple operating environments, including dedicated on-prem servers, virtualized private clouds, and public clouds such as AWS and Azure. Traditionally, applications and the tooling that support them have been closely tied to the underlying infrastructure, so it was costly to use other deployment models despite their potential advantages. This meant that applications became dependent on a particular environment in several aspects, including performance issues related to a specific network architecture; adherence to cloud provider-specific constructs, such as proprietary orchestration techniques; and dependencies on a particular back-end storage system.

With many of today’s businesses gearing towards microservice architecture, it’s no surprise that containers and the tools used to manage them have become so popular. Microservice architecture makes it easy to split your application into smaller components with containers that can then be run on different cloud environments, giving you the option to choose the best host for your needs. What’s great about Kubernetes is that it’s built to be used anywhere so you can deploy to public/private/hybrid clouds, enabling you to reach users where they’re at, with greater availability and security. You can see how Kubernetes can help you avoid potential hazards with “vendor lock-in”.

At Magalix, our agent is working side by side with any Kubernetes ☸ version, Magalix is the agent that keeps an eye on 10s of data points and configurations inside your Kubernetes clusters. Magalix makes sure that the cluster and applications are reliable, efficient, performant, and secure. Our agent will continuously get recommendations to improve the cluster and application readiness for production. 

So Why Do We Take the Initiative to Hold a Monthly Meetup About Kubernetes ???

 When we decided to build our office in Egypt, we came to realize that not many were familiar with Kubernetes in Egypt and that companies rarely use this technology. Developers were interested to learn about Kubernetes and thus it became one of our goals to educate the Egyptian engineers’ who want to learn about Kubernetes ☸ and increase their knowledge. And the monthly meetup was born. This monthly meetup will be spearheaded by Kubernetes subject matter experts who work in the field in Egypt, Europe, US or Gulf countries who would like to share their experience and help us in our mission.

Cairo Kubernetes Meetup Past Speakers

Mr. Ahmed El-Fakharany -Senior DevOps engineer.

Mr. Ayman Allam – Cloud and infrastructure automation senior analyst-Etisalat Egypt

Mr. Hytham Adel - Infrastructure specialist At IBM Egypt

Mr. Omar Mekky - Director of Engineering At SWVL

Mr. Ahmad Abed – Solution Architect/Engineering Manager at Crowd Analyzer

Mr. ElSayed Gamal - CTO – Cognitev

Mr. Ahmed Saeed – DevOps Cloud Architect / DevOps Lead at Vodafone Egypt

Mr. Mohammed Ismail - Senior Site Reliability Engineer at SAP(Germany)

Mr. Mohammed Salem – Lead solution Engineer at VMware (UAE)

Mr. Ahmed Abou Zaid – DevOps Engineer at Camunda-Berline

Mr. Mohamed Amr - Software Cloud Architect at Trilogy group

Mr. Osama ElGebaly - Senior Site Reliability Engineer at spectrm -Berlin

Mr. Raif Ahmed - Senior Site consulting architect at RedHat EMEA (Amsterdam)

Follow us now at Cairo Kubernetes meetup channel to keep up with the Kubernetes microservices, containers, the distributions that run them and the solutions that deploy, manage and extend Here

For those who want to help and support the Cairo Kubernetes community by sharing their experience and knowledge, contact me directly at: marawa.ghazy@magalix.com

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