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Learn the Art of How to Take A Break at Magalix

Learn the Art of How to Take A Break at Magalix

In a start-up life with fast-paced and deadline-oriented workplaces, employees spend most of their days in front of a computer, sometimes with very little interaction with their colleagues. Every day, our team is required to hit daily targets, beat tight deadlines, and accomplish regular deliverables. Having this kind of routine may take a toll on the team, both physically and mentally. Even the most productive and dedicated employees can get tired from this repetition and may find themselves craving interaction with their colleagues and a break from the grind.

Stress is a natural and consistent part of being a part of the professional world, and working isn’t necessarily supposed to be easy. However, creating and fostering a work culture that is enjoyable for our employees is one of our goals.

We shut down the company for two days and went to Movenpick El Sokhna. We had so much fun as a team with our families which made us closer.

Relaxation was our main goal for this trip and we believe in the art of doing nothing so we didn’t let the team participate in many activities, all they needed was downtime for pure relaxation and a stay away from stress and multitasking.

Magalix in Ain Sokhna: A Gathering for the Books!

“The trip was great. other than it was a lot of fun, I had the opportunity to meet my colleagues and connect "
Khaled (Sr. Software Engineer) - Magalix

“It was a really nice vacation, we spent very enjoyable and unforgettable moments Thank you so much”
Hagar (Sr. Software Testing Engineer) - Magalix

IMG-20210628-WA0000“Thank you Marwa Ghazy⁩ for organizing everything, we had a great time
Sarah (Techlead) - Magalix

“It was great to have fun with the team, get to know each other closely”
Saeed (Site Reliability Engineer) - Magalix

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