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The Magalix Newsletter - 2 May 2020

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Read on for product updates, new tutorials, eBooks, and news from around the community.

This week, we released a new eBook on Kubernetes Application Patterns. It's the culmination of many months of posts from our blog, along with new content to provide technical depth. Preview the Table of Contents and get your copy here:

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As always, we bring you another community-submitted article through our Write for Cloud Native Program below. We continue to offer developers in the cloud-native community a way to share their knowledge, and get paid for it, from $100-$200 per article. Apply here if interested!


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Google App Engine vs. Kubernetes Engine-1

Google App Engine vs. Kubernetes Engine

Organizations are moving towards containerisation for their workloads. While containers give several benefits, it’s important to choose suitable container orchestration according to our requirements and use cases to get full benefit of the container ecosystem.


illu 1-1

Create A CI/CD Pipeline With Kubernetes And Jenkins

CI/CD is a term that is often heard alongside other terms like DevOps, Agile, Scrum and Kanban, automation, and others. Sometimes, it’s considered to be just part of the workflow without really understanding what it is or why it was adopted. Taking CI/CD for granted is common for young DevOps engineers who might have not seen the “traditional” way of software release cycles and, hence, cannot appreciate CI/CD.

From the K8s Community

Raspberry Pi Kubernetes mini PC cluster project member Krishnaraj Varma has published a great Raspberry Pi Kubernetes project with an intermediate skill level and 60 minutes build time. Using a Raspberry Pi 3 and the Raspbian operating system preloaded on a 16 GB microSD card the project takes you through the step-by-step process of creating your very own Raspberry Pi cluster as well as installing the Kubernetes dashboard for monitoring the cluster. I have also embedded a quick video to explain more about the Raspberry Pi Kubernetes clusters if you are a beginner.

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Cracking The Code To Balance Kubernetes Security With Operational Pace

Data management and storage provider NetApp wants to help organizations rely on a single platform to manage data services, storage and applications controlled by Kubernetes.

Working with the Kubernetes community, NetApp has introduced Project Astra, a platform to help organizations manage — through single control planes of their choice — the entire data lifecycle for Kubernetes deployments. These capabilities will include disaster recovery, governance and data protection and replication, in addition to full storage capabilities


An Exploratory Guide to the Service Mesh Platforms

The shift to microservices comes with its own set of challenges. If architecting, designing, and developing microservices is considered to be complex, deploying and managing them is no less complex.

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How to Deploy ML Workflows on LKE with Kubeflow

Teams that work with Machine Learning (ML) workloads in production know that added complexity can bring projects for a grinding halt. While deploying simple ML workloads might seem like an easy task, the process becomes a lot more involved when you begin to scale and distribute these loads and implement tools like Kubernetes. Although Kubernetes allows teams to rapidly scale their organization's infrastructure, it also adds a layer of complexity that can become a major burden without the right tools.

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