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Write for the Cloud-Native

Kubernetes 101 Series 

Kubernetes Application Patterns Series



Kubernetes 101 Series

Kubernetes 101 - Concepts & why it Matters

Kubernetes Resources Requests & Limits 101

Kubernetes Pods - The Cluster Sailors

Kubernetes Services - The Pods Interfaces

Kubernetes Cluster Networking 

Kubernetes Network Policies 

Kubernetes Logging 

Kubernetes ReplicaSet 

Kubernetes DaemonSets

Kubernetes Jobs - The Task Jobs 

Kubernetes Storage

Kubernetes StatefulSets - State Of The Pods 

Kubernetes Deployments 

Kubernetes Scheduler 

Kubernetes Secrets

Kubernetes Autoscaling - CA, HPA & VPA

Kubernetes Monitoring - Core & Services Pipeline 

Kubernetes Configuration Management

Kubernetes RBAC

Kubernetes Service Catalog



Eliminate Infrastructure Complexity With Serverless Containers

Avoid These Big Mistakes When Implementing Docker Containers 

Watch Out For These Operational Issues When You Switch to Containers 

Take The Smart Approach To Containers Security 

3 Key Indicators That Your Organization is Ready For Containerization 

Your First Five Steps in The World of Containerization 

Think Beyond Containers 

Modernizing Infrastructure - Containers, Kubernetes & More



DevOps is Finally Entering The AI Era 

5 Reasons to Download Magalix From GCP Marketplace

Capacity isn't The Key, Adaptability is

The Cloud is Broken is These Three Ways

3 Forces Reinventing The Cloud

Magalix Technical Writing Guidelines 


Write For Cloud-native Articles

A Guide On The Installation Of Spinnaker in Kubernetes Cluster.

Understanding Kubernetes Objects

How to Deploy an Application on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)



Airtight Security as Code

Security at Every Step

Security as Code Insights


Use Cases

Codified Cloud Security

Cloud Security Posture Management

Continuous Compliance Assessment

Cloud DevSecOps


How To Best Use Magalix

Boost App Performance & Save Money in 5 Minutes

Magalix Node Advisor is Now in Public Preview

KubeAdvisor - Control Over Your K8s Cluster

Accelerate Your Kubernetes Journey With KubeAdvisor 

How To Save 80% On GKE Using Magalix KubeAdvisor 



Kubernetes Patterns Series

Declarative Deployments Pattern

Applications Process Management Pattern

Capacity Planning Pattern 

The Sidecar Pattern 

The Adapter Pattern 

The Batch Job Pattern 

The Cron Job Pattern

The DaemonService Pattern

The Singleton Application Pattern 

The Stateful Service Pattern 

The Service Discovery Pattern 

The Reflection Pattern 

The Init Container Pattern 

The Ambassador Pattern 

The Environment Variables Configuration Pattern

The ConfigMap Pattern

The Unchangeable Configuration Pattern 

The Configuration Template Pattern 

The Cloud-Native Logging & Monitoring Pattern 


Open Policy Agent Series

Introducing Policy As Code: The Open Policy Agent (OPA)

Integrating Open Policy Agent (OPA) With Kubernetes 

How To Integrate OPA Into Your Kubernetes Cluster Using Kube-mgmt

Enforce Pod Security Policies in Kubernetes Using OPA

How To Enforce Network Security Policies Using OPA

How To Force Kubernetes Namespaces To Have ResourceQuotas Using OPA

Enforce Kubernetes Container Images To Label That isn't Latest

Enforce Ingress Best Practices Using OPA


Advanced Kubernetes Topics

The Best Kubernetes Tutorials 

Kubernetes Performance, Cluster Utilization & Cost Optimization

Why Teams Adopting Kubernetes Fight Over Capacity Management 

Kubernetes & Containers Best Practices - Health Probes

Kubernetes Vulnerable to DoS Attacks!

Influencing Kubernetes Scheduler Decisions  

Extending The Kubernetes Controller 

Creating Custom Kubernetes Operators 

Kubernetes Automatic Scaling 

Defining Cloud-Native Apps

Log Aggregation Using ELK Stack 

Improving Capacity Management In Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes Authorization 

Kubernetes Authentication 

Running Containers Securely Under Kubernetes 

Create a CI/CD Pipeline With Kubernetes & Jenkins  

Building a CD Pipeline With Drone CI & Kubernetes

Implementing a Reverse Proxy Server In Kubernetes

Implementing Faas In Kubernetes Using Kubeless

What is Service Mesh?

Getting Started With Istio

Kubernetes 1.18: What You Should Know

Working With Istio: Track Your Services With Kiali

Deploying an Application on Kubernetes From A to Z