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Capacity Management Framework - Part 3

How To Set The Right Limits & Requests For Your Pods & Containers

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020
10:00 AM PST | 5:00 PM GMT

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5-steps capacity management framework

Magalix’s 5-steps capacity management framework provides a clear and easy process to manage the capacity of Kubernetes clusters and cloud-native applications. This is our 3rd webinar in the capacity management series, which digs into the different considerations that software engineers, DevOps, and infrastructure engineers should have in mind while planning memory and CPU for their pods. There are 6 different gaps that teams must consider before they can move on to the VMs planning step

Expect to learn:

  • Types of memory and CPU metrics that you should monitor to set the right requests and limits for your pods. 
  • The different types of resources starvation or waste that your pods may encounter everyday. 
  • Different tactics to avoid optimization fatigue. 
  • Best ways to drive good resources budgeting exercise and the right team culture to manage the available capacity. 
  • When should you consider Kubernetes HPA and VPA? I’ll share a few tips about each one as well. 
  • Recommended ways to build a continuous improvement culture to stay optimized all the time without impacting the productivity of your team.