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Going to KubeCon NA 2020? Chat with Our Expert to Learn More About Kubernetes Governance

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Magalix Live Webinars


Bi-weekly webinars focus on key problem areas in Kubernetes for Devs and DevOps engineers. Product webinars focus on showing Devs how Magalix can address key problems specifically.

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On-Demand Webinars

Capacity Management Framework

Capacity Management Framework - Part 1 - 5 Steps to Better Capacity Management on Kubernetes

In this webinar, Mohamed Ahmed, Magalix CEO and Founder will cover the different strategies to manage Kubernetes capacity

Capacity Management Framework

August 19th | Magalix Live at KubeCon Europe 2020 - Live Product Webinar

in this webinar, Mohamed Ahmed, Magalix Founder and CEO, will walk you through KubeOptimizer and KubeAdvisor, the two Magalix products that help Devops teams with cluster-wide security enforcement and resource optimization respectively

Capacity Management Framework

Kubernetes Governance 101 - How to Create Custom Advisors With Rego Using Magalix

In this webinar, Ahmed Badran, Magalix CTO will go through a real example of how Magalix team implemented a simple governance framework within Magalix using our own product.  We will focus on a simple policy and go through its full life cycle

Capacity Management Framework

Capacity Management Framework - Part 2 - How to Select the Right Metrics and Build Productive Dashboards

This is our 2nd webinar in the capacity management series, which builds on our first thoroughly and in more depth (check the webinar replays below if you missed it). We will take an end-to-end example and learn how to connect high-level KPIs and SLOs to resources usage and utilization...

Become production ready with Magalix

Kubernetes Optimization - How We Cut Our Cloud Infrastructure Cost by 40% Using Magalix

In this webinar we will go over how to optimize your infrastructure resources (CPU, memory, and node pool in Kubernetes with focus on cost saving.  Ahmed Badran - Magalix CTO - will use a real life example of how we cut our GCP monthly bill by around 40% at Magalix using our own product.

Capacity Management

Capacity Management Framework - Part 3 - How To Set The Right Limits And Requests For Your Pods And Containers

This is our 3rd webinar in the capacity management series, which digs into the different considerations that software engineers, DevOps, and infrastructure engineers should have in mind while planning memory and CPU for their pods.