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KubeOptimizer - Plan and Automate Kubernetes Capacity Management

Get accurate container CPU and memory allocation plans, quickly and continuously. Rollout changes quickly & reliably. Right-size clusters for maximum efficiency. Save time & money

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We Make Optimizing Kubernetes a Breeze

Optimizing Kubernetes is anything but straightforward.

Prioritize Optimizations by Impact

Constant optimization can exhaust your team and lead to decision fatigue. We eliminate decision fatigue by prioritizing optimizations by their biggest impact on cost or user experience. Don't worry - we still sweat the small stuff too.

Save Time

Instead of spot analyzing metrics and guessing at the best CPU/memory requests and limits, or estimating the best VM types, use our once-daily 95th percentile of 1-minute resolution as a guideline to set your limits and requests.

Optimize Reliably

Change your limits and requests for any resource without disrupting your cluster or application. KubeOptimizer has the necessary guardrails to apply changes to your containers with failures and rollback scenarios considered.

Work Across All Levels

Get detailed plans that make sure pod CPU/memory allocation is in harmony with allocatable VM capacity. Get maximum value out of your cloud bill.

Get a 360 View of Resource Possibilities

Fix and Optimize What Makes an Impact

Allocating the right CPU or memory values has endless possibilities given the complex interactions between containers and available capacity. KubeOptimizer prioritizes recommendations that will make a difference in your cluster's stability, application performance, and cost savings. Apply most impactful optimizations more frequently and in one click!

Automation Fin

Detailed Analysis, Guaranteed

Understand What Changes are Needed, and Why

Changing the allocation of pods CPU/memory requests or limits is not an easy decision, especially for production workloads.

Get a detailed analysis to be confident about any change before applying it. See metrics impacting recommendations, current values, and the suggested values. Learn why a change is required. Understand the impact on your system if not applied. Your team will make the right decisions much faster and with high confidence.

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Right-Size Kubernetes Clusters

Understand VM-Level Optimizations

VM optimization is critical to actually realize cost savings or performance improvements across all your applications.

Get detailed VM allocation analysis and recommendations. Your plan considers all pods' CPU and memory allocation and also considers the system's overhead to run with safe margins. Achieve your optimization goals with more peace of mind.

CPUMemory Recommendations

Thoughtful Automation

Automate Optimizations Without Impacting the Stability of Your Cluster

We sequence the automation process to make sure your cluster's stability is not impacted by too many changes at the same time. The Magalix Agent makes sure that a change is successfully executed before it moves to the next fix.


All Cases Considered

Automate All Possible Missed Optimizations

Resource optimizations are applied for different reasons, such as performance, utilization, or cost savings. Select your reason and automate optimizations based on your needs!


Optimize your Kubernetes capacity, quickly and continuously

Automate your Kubernetes cluster optimization in a few minutes.