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KubeNotifier - Get Notified When the Unexpected Happens

Create governance, compliance, and security workflows. Bring your teams together with the right events, at the right time, and the tools they already use.

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Connect Events with Dozens of Tools

Send Alerts, Build Dashboards and Reports, or Assign Tasks, Automagically

KubeNotifier delivers events and changes impacting your governance, security, or operational excellence. Create security or governance alerts, tickets, notifications, or custom dashboards. Extend and accelerate compliance efforts beyond slow reactionary mode. Connect your team with the right data using the tools they love!

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Capture Any Event

Respond to Critical Events Impacting Governance or Operational Excellence.

KubeNotifier exports dozens of events with rich data included. Get notified on policy violations/compliances, generated optimizations, changes in your cluster configurations, and changes in policies. All the necessary data are included in these events. Empower everyone with a unified view. Create a culture of transparency and agility. 

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Build Unified Events Across All Your Clusters

Unified events and workflows for multi-cloud infrastructure

Build unified workflows regardless of where your Kubernetes clusters are hosted. KubeNotifier will accelerate your multi-cloud strategy. Extend your infrastructure with the same high standards of security, governance, and operational excellence.   

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Build the right workflows with KubeNotifier

Connect your team with the right data using the tools they love!

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