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KubeGuard - Prevent Violations & Bad Configurations into Kubernetes

Implement the right protection in your CI/CD or at the cluster's gateway. Provide early feedback to your team. Keep your clusters secure, compliant, and reliable. 

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Run Compliant Kubernetes Cluster. Provide Feedback at all Stages

Integrate with CI/CD pipeline or run it as a gatekeeper.

Enrich your GitOps with early policy compliance/violation feedback. Teams get feedback at code commit time or during the CI stage. Also, protect your cluster from violating command line changes with the Gatekeeper feature. Build high confidence in your cluster's security, compliance, and reliability.  

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Fail Builds When Kubernetes Objects Violate Policies

Rich APIs and CI/CD Integrations to Provide Early Violations Reports.

KubeGuard integrates with CI/CD pipelines to provide early feedback on different Kubernetes objects’ specs. Provide warnings or completely block violating deployments. KubeGuard will check against relevant and latest policies. 

KubeGuard build failed

Protect Clusters from Ad-hoc Violations

KubeGuard’s Gatekeeper Prevents Last-Minute Violations

Last-minute changes outside of your GitOps workflow can cause many security or operational issues. KubeGuard uses Kubernetes admissions controls to act as a trusted gatekeeper. It checks any violations against relevant policies and according to your settings. 

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Recommendations for Quick Mitigations

The Team Gets Access to Detailed Reports to Understand the Reasons for Violations and How to Fix Them.

With each reported violation, a detailed fix recommendation is generated. Your team will be able to quickly mitigate those violations. 

Recommendation screen - Running as Root

Get Detailed Compliance and Violation Reports

Get Insights About the Most Violated Policies by Objects, Time, and Stage.

Magalix console provides detailed reports on different checks at different stages. Learn which policies are violated most often and which ones are more challenging for your team. Drive effective initiatives with actionable compliance reports. 

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Protect your clusters with KubeGuard

Enforce the highest standards of security, governance, and operational excellence. Build high confidence in your infrastructure.

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