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Run Airtight Kubernetes with KubeAdvisor

KubeAdvisor is your friendly guide to running secure, reliable, performant, and efficient Kubernetes. Run hundreds of ongoing checks on your clusters, know when something is wrong, and how to act to fix it, as a team.

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Kubernetes Best-Practices in a Snap

Magalix KubeAdvisor built-in best practices advisors will report best practices that your cluster and workloads are missing. Get guidelines to fix issues and optimize your cluster. Our library of advisors grows every day to help you keep up with the highest community and business standards!


Detailed Violation Analysis

Learn quickly why a Kubernetes object is violating any best practices or policy. The forensic analysis includes the collected evidence, how the violation can be turned into compliance, policy description, and violation history.  


Kubernetes with Your Own Rules

Apply your own standards with custom advisors. Magalix supports the Open Policy Agent (OPA) framework. Write your own standards and policies that you would like to enforce in your Kubernetes. It is a great tool to guide your team and bring up to speed quickly!



Detailed Issue Analysis

Understand Why an Issue Was Reported, How it Can Be Fixed, and its History

Not only do we help you find issues - we help you fix them too. For each workload or container issue, KubeAdvisor reports on it along with its collected evidence. Then you can get guidance on fixing the issue, and track it overtime if it recurs.

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Don't Get Lost in the Details

Understand the Scope of the Reported Issues Inside Your Cluster

Get the big picture before you understand how each entity is impacted. See the trends in your Kubernetes cluster workloads.

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Be Fully in Control

Apply Policies Anywhere From a Single Source. Enable/Disable Anytime.

Advisors generate recommendations and report issues. Control which scans and recommendations you get by choosing which checks to run via our out-of-the-box advisors. Or write your own!

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Custom Advisors

Extend KubeAdvisor with Your Own Rules and Policies

Use Open Policy Agent (OPA) Rego language to build your own advisors to enforce your rules and policies. Apply a policy to a single cluster or workload type.


Focus on what matters in your clusters, with KubeAdvisor

Get the cloud-native community's best practices, get and stay ahead of the game quickly, confidently, and securely.