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Save Money while Improving Kubernetes Performance

Get 10s of cloud cost-saving plans while you improve application performance and infrastructure utilization.

Node Advisor Analysis

Save Money and Improve Kubernetes Performance Effortlessly

Magalix Node Advisor provides a detailed analysis of cluster capacity, cost savings, and utilization improvements you could achieve. 


When your cluster is about to require additional capacity, Magalix will proactively allocate the proper resources for your containers.
compare different billing plans and capacities
Magalix Node Advisor gives you daily detailed recommendations of the best node combinations you should provision to save money.
Dynamic infrastructure as your containers are!

Save up to 80% on your cloud bill and gain insight into your capacity.

Choose to optimize your cluster for high availability or highest density, and let Magalix Node Advisor do the rest. Create policies for each cluster, and optimize your infrastructure as frequently as twice a day.

Improve cluster utilization and tweak it to your needs

To realize the best utilization and lowest cost, you get a detailed plan to create node pools, VM types and VM sizes. Even if you just have the right capacity, the Node Advisor can still save you a lot of money. It tweaks VM types and shuffles capacity within your cluster. 

Improve containerized application performance with just enough capacity

Magalix Node Advisor analyzes your current capacity and dozens of metrics to characterize workloads. It figures out memory and CPU patterns to decide on capacity changes in your cluster. Magalix Node Advisor may recommend the need for more cores in fewer VMs but less overall memory for example. 


Here's what our users say

"Magalix made it easy for us to understand performance issues in our containers, cluster resources utilization, achieve significant savings"

Waleed Osman of medstreaming
Waleed Osman

Support Lead at Medstreaming

"I recently discovered Magalix while browsing the Google Cloud marketplace. It promised an auto-pilot, cost-cutting monitoring agent for our k8s platform. Sounds too good to be true. It is true."

Edward Sarker
Edward Sarker

Director of DevOps at Spire Digital

"The value of AI and what Magalix has done is really taking this human judgment and automating it in a way that is more proactive than reactive."

taimur rashid
Taimur Rashid

GM at Microsoft Azure

We've helped hundreds of teams to run Kubernetes confidently and in a more harmonious way.
Node Advisor Settings

Full Control of Optimization Policies

Tweak the Node Advisor optimization policies to your preferences.

Reliability vs. Density

Tweak the policy to optimize for maximum reliability or to increase the density of containers.

Safety Buffer

Create a safety buffer to make sure you have enough capacity for unanticipated spikes.

Control Cluster Size

Set the minimum and maximum of nodes you want in your cluster. Node Advisor will take care of the rest!

Frequently & Effortlessly

Control when to run the analysis to match your dynamic infrastructure.

Magalix Node Advisor Supports All Major Public Cloud Providers


Save Money and Improve Kubernetes Performance Effortlessly

Connect your existing Kubernetes cluster and start optimizing in 5 minutes or less.

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