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Capacity Management on Cruise Control

Change the way you manage your capacity with Magalix. You no longer need to have those capacity planning meetings or keep updating your limits and requests every other day. Put it on autopilot and manage it together as a team.

represent 2 charts within Magalix console.

Used vs. available vs. recommended resources

Stay on Top of Your Capacity

Get insights if you have the right amount of resources. Compare what your containers have been consuming and allocate the right amount of CPU cores and memory.

Resources Usage Per Cluster

Control the pace of scalability

In Full Control

Create Maintenance Windows for your applications to control how frequently containers/pods area analyzed and scaled for resources utilization.

CPU and MEMORY management with maintenance window

Resources recommendations with detailed analysis

Get Safe Recommendations

Avoid containers crashing or throttling because of bad resources allocation. Avoid over-provisioning of resources and maximize the value you get out of Kuberentes.  

Decision Analysis

Here's what our users say

"Magalix made it easy for us to understand performance issues in our containers, cluster resources utilization, achieve significant savings"

Waleed Osman of medstreaming
Waleed Osman

Support Lead at Medstreaming

"I recently discovered Magalix while browsing the Google Cloud marketplace. It promised an auto-pilot, cost-cutting monitoring agent for our k8s platform. Sounds too good to be true. It is true."

Edward Sarker
Edward Sarker

Director of DevOps at Spire Digital

"The value of AI and what Magalix has done is really taking this human judgment and automating it in a way that is more proactive than reactive."

taimur rashid
Taimur Rashid

GM at Microsoft Azure

We've helped hundreds of teams to run Kubernetes confidently and in a more harmonious way.

Tackle Capacity Management with Your Team

Connect your existing Kubernetes cluster and start optimizing in 5 minutes or less. Get 14-days FREE full access and invite your team to manage your cluster together.