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Get insights about utilization and resources distribution in few minutes. Get recommendations. Control when and how to apply recommendations.









Smart Infrastructure Works for Business Needs

Valuable Insights in Minutes
Get resources utilization insights immediately. Understand which components impacting infrastructure the most.
Continuous Optimizations
Get recommendations to save resources. Keep costs down. Stay on top what matters. Achieve the best user experience.
In Full Control
Control when optimizations are done. Understand impacts on apps and infrastructure. Adapt to business needs.        

Magalix Can Help With

Does Infrastructure Currently Provide The Best Value?

Everyone needs to know what’s going on inside the infrastructure and how that impacts the business. Magalix's intuitive and powerful interface allows you to drill in and find out how to maximize its value.

Understand overall resources used across the whole infrastructure. Drill down into the details without losing the big picture. Ask the right questions. Focus on what matters. 

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Which Components Taking Most Resources?

Cost of cloud infrastructure directly impacted by resources needs. Understand which components are affecting cost. How much is wasted and should be saved? Where should most investments go to get the best value out of infrastructure? 

Can Optimizations Get Applied When Needed without a Lot of Overheads?

Be always ahead of the game rather than reacting to monthly cloud bills. No need to overload engineers with continuous optimizations. Let the autopilot optimize resources as frequently as needed. Get detailed impact reports. Adapt the autopilot to business needs. 

Magalix made it easy for us to understand resources utilization and achieve significant savings.
Ewald De Vries, CTO MedStreaming
Sharif Al-Badawi
500 Startups
Over-provisioning is not going to be solved by human powered optimization. Machine learning will identify areas of deficiencies and help companies save money.
Taimur Rashid
GM - Microsoft
The value of AI and what Magalix has done is really taking this human judgement and automating it in a way that is more proactive than reactive.

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