Magalix is the autopilot for Kubernetes. Stop spending hundreds of hours figuring out the best combination of resources to balance performance with utilization in Kubernetes. 









Magalix Is Built for the Whole Team

DevOps get the needed metrics to ensure availability, performance, and utilization for devs.

Devs have an easy way to understand infrastructure utilization and make sure their app UX is top notch.

When your cluster is about to require additional capacity, Magalix will proactively allocate the proper resources for your containers.
Magalix makes sure your containers performant all the time.
Magalix autopilot proactively allocate cluster resources.
Autopilot manages scale and resources!

Stay on top of application performance.

Avoid your users' frustration and proactively improve the performance of your pods, containers, and Kubernetes cluster. Understand why a certain container is poorly performing and get detailed recommendations to improve its performance. 

Make Kubernetes as dynamic as your containers already are.

Stop getting alerts because of suboptimal resource utilization. Run your cluster on autopilot and eliminate issues that cause your containers or cluster to fail. 

Save up to 80% on your cloud bill by gaining insight into your capacity.

Choose to optimize your cluster for high availability or highest density, and let Magalix Node Advisor do the rest. Create policies for each cluster, and optimize your infrastructure as frequently as twice a day.


Magalix Features

Magalix has the features you’ll need to manage the scale and performance of your Kubernetes cluster, whether for dev or production environments.

We’ve solved the hard problems of capacity management so you don’t have to.

Performance Management

  • Monitor & Manage CPU throttling

    Get top throttled containers and how this impacts your cluster's resources. The Autopilot will recommend what to do next!

  • Monitor Network Consumption

    Understand how each container contribute to network consumption and how you can improve its I/O performance

  • Scale CPU proactively

    Magalix AI builds prediction models of containers CPU consumption. It proactively adjusts allocated cores to make sure containers are performant all the time

Resources Utilization

  • Understand used vs available resources

    Get insights if you have the right amount of resources. Compare what your containers have been consuming to allocate the right amount of cores and memory.

  • Get safe recommendations

    Avoid containers crashes or throttling because you didn't allocate the right amount of resources to it. Avoid over provisioning of your cluster

  • Hourly checks of resources allocation

    The whole cluster is scanned hourly to make sure it is ready for any anticipated changes in workloads and resources needs.

Cost Efficiency

  • Automatic Node Advisor

    Get the best combination of VM (instance) type and size through daily scans. It makes sure you got the cheapest and the most performant VM (instance) type from your cloud provider.

  • Set cluster sizing policies

    Adjust Node Advisor analysis policies to optimize for density or reliability based on your business needs.

  • Compare different cost models

    Analyze different billing models from your provider and understand which model makes more sense for your business needs.

Magalix Autopilot

  • Scale pods and containers proactively

    Instead of waiting for spikes or over-provisioning your cluster, Magalix autopilot proactively adjusts resources to meet those anticipated workload changes.

  • Set Maintenance Window

    Limit the scalability to only slow times. Control when your pods can scale and how frequently.

  • Automatic OOM recovery

    Instead of containers going into infinite crash loops, Magalix agent will automatically adjust needed resources to safely run the container without any crashes. You will be notified of course!

  • Control Autopilot policies

    Set the buffer and when to engage the autopilot inside your cluster for better control.

Application Focus

  • Automatic namespace dashboards

    Bring developers to the full picture with automatic dashboards. Share with them how their namespaces and containers performing and utilizing cluster resources.

  • Container Level analysis

    Drill down to a single container dashboard and events and share with your team members

Custom Dashboards

Cluster Watch

Detailed Reporting

Bring the Team Together

  • Invite team members

    Invite others to see the utilization and scalability of your cluster.

  • Assign Entity Owners

    Assign owners to different entities within your cluster. They will start getting reports and notifications about their performance and utilization.

Gain a Shared Understanding of Kubernetes performance, utilization, and cost

Connect your cluster Today. Gain control over performance, utilization, and cost. All in one place.


The Magalix agent along with our machine learning pipeline will keep an eye on your containers’ performance and availability, and your cluster utilization.

Save time and money with the Autopilot and let your cluster adapt to changes in workloads, new deployments, or changes in underlying infrastructure.


Learn how to get boost performance, optimize Kubernetes, and Save Money with Magalix

Flexible Pricing that Grows with your Infrastructure Pricing

Here's what our users say

"Magalix made it easy for us to understand performance issues in our containers, cluster resources utilization, achieve significant savings"

Waleed Osman of medstreaming
Waleed Osman

Support Lead at Medstreaming

"I recently discovered Magalix while browsing the GCP marketplace. It promised an auto-pilot, cost-cutting monitoring agent for our k8s platform. Sounds too good to be true. It is true."

Magalix Customer
Edward Sarker

Director of DevOps at Spire Digital

"The value of AI and what Magalix has done is really taking this human judgment and automating it in a way that is more proactive than reactive."

taimur rashid
Taimur Rashid

GM at Microsoft Azure

We've helped hundreds of teams to run Kubernetes confidently and in a more harmonious way.

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