Kubernetes on Auto-pilot, always ahead of the game!

Magalix predictively optimizes Kubernetes scale at the right time

Connect Kuberentes
One kubectl command to connect to Magalix AI analytics. 
Get Recommendations
See predictions and recommendations to scale pods, containers, and nodes. 
Run on Autopilot
Easily control when and how recommendations are applied.


Secure AI Without Exposing Clusters to the Internet

Magalix AI manages the Kubernetes cluster and containers to ensure they are always running in harmony with business needs and infrastructure capabilities. Think of it as an intelligence layer added to your cluster to manage the scalability of applications and nodes.


Workloads Prediction

Magalix captures applications usage patterns and creates predictions for resource consumption, and automatically calibrates these models when needed.


High-Precision Metric Analysis 

Monitoring thousands of data points, Magalix builds container profiles that help engineers and businesses to understand the performance under different workloads.


Intelligent Full Stack Auto-scaling 

Scaling different layers in the infrastructure and considering their dependencies is both hard and a tedious process. Magalix Analyzes and scales all layers of the stack to keep up with anticipated workloads. It scales pods, containers, and nodes to make sure they are all working in harmony.


Magalix Captures Hard to Notice Metrics Patterns

Magalix works at all different metrics resolutions to predict daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal changes in workloads. No need for engineers to switch between different resolutions and guess a single or few decisions to accommodate these patterns.


Ready To See Magalix in Action?

Get a demo of Magalix or connect your Kubernetes. It is a fully self-serve process that takes no more than 10 minutes.