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Connected Clusters
2 (max 500 workloads per cluster)
4 (max 500 workloads per cluster)
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Magalix Advisors
Magalix Advisors + Custom Advisors (max 10)
Unlimited Custom Advisors
Magalix Resources and Node Advisors
Magalix Resources and Nodes Advisors
Magalix Advisor + KubeInsight (new ML models)
CD Integration(Admission Control)
CI / CD integrations
10 registered webhooks
SaaS and On-Prem
Email only
9x5 Email, Slack
24x7 Email, Slack, Phone
JIRA Integration
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Slack Integration
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Email Based Alerts
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Limited Weekly
Full & Configurable (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Pricing FAQs

Is the Free Plan Free Forever?

No. Due to the overhead our systems take, we regret that we can't keep freely connected clusters forever. You will be notified at 6 months after registration and you will have the opportunity to convert to a paid plan and avoid suspension of your cluster.

What is a Custom Advisor?

A custom advisor is custom configured using the Open Policy Agent standard. Any rule you can specify with JSON using the Rego language can be captured as a policy with a custom advisor and applied to any of your clusters on Magalix. It's a powerful way to enforce policy systematically for yourself and your team.

What is a Best Practices Advisor?

There are certain approaches to Kubernetes that are just becoming a standard. Implement Liveness probes; implement Readiness Probes; set reasonable limits and requests, etc. At the entry price level, Magalix will help you ensure Best Practices. As you grow, it will help you optimize.

Optimize? Grow? How Does that work?

As your team grows its use of Magalix, our advisors shift to help you address day 1 and day 2 concerns. How should you structure your resources? How is your cost affected as you scale? The more relevant growth and scale are to your company, the more relevant our Growth and Professional tiers.

What are Automations? How Do they Work?

Automations are small, discrete, repeatable tasks for the management of CPU and Mem that you can offload to our agent. For instance, we can help you foresee changes in resource usage, and deploy changes automatically to your limits and requests to keep you available and keep incidents to a minimum for your team.


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