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Powered by our deep integration and experience with Kubernetes, Magalix accelerates your cloud-native journey from early exploration to production optimization, governance, and tuning.


Platform Architecture

Your Kubernetes cluster is connected to the Magalix SaaS backend through the Magalix Agent, which is a single container per cluster.

The Magalix system continuously analyzes collected metrics, objects specs, and events. Our system uses our built-in advisors and your policies to create detailed insights and recommendations.

Our web interface and the integration with 100s of tools make it possible to build complex workflows and visualize cluster data however you need it.

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Top 3 Security Measures, Applied End-To-End


In addition to the zero-trust model we use, your cluster's data are secured both in motion and at rest.


Secure Data Tunnels

The Magalix agent connects through secrets that get refreshed multiple times a day for maximum connection security. Data and control questions between the agent and Magalix backend are hashed using SHA512.


Limited & Highly Controlled Data Access

The Magalix agent does not have access to any of your containers volumes, VM details, Cluster secrets, or networking interfaces. Also, the Magalix agent does not have any exec command to any of your containers. It depends on Kubernetes API endpoints to collect data and manage Kubernetes objects, which gives you full control over what the agent can do.


Full Audit Logs

Magalix agent logs all its interactions with Kubernetes APIs. Saved logs are encrypted and saved for a limited time. Logs are saved both locally for quick access.


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Integrate Your Cloud-Native Workflows & Tools

Magalix provides rich APIs and integrations with services and tools across the DevOps and Kubernetes ecosystem to enhance your team’s productivity and accelerate your cloud-native journey.

Cloud Providers

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CI/CD tools

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Workflow tools

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