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Weaveworks 2022.03 release featuring Magalix PaC | Learn more

Security-as-Code, Compliance,
and Policy Enforcement Engine

Build and enforce policies to cover your security, compliance, and
operational needs with Magalix Policy Engine.

“Bring your own policy or create one with 100s built-in policies and apply
at any stage in your software pipelines with out-of-the-box integrations
and rich APIs.”

Robust, Scalable, and Extensible Platform for a Secure and Compliant Infrastructure


Analyze all entities specs, metrics, and compliance policies of your infrastructure


Integrate your CI/CD pipeline with Magalix to provide early feedback to your team


Get detailed compliance and security posture reports.

Magalix Platform Architecture Magalix Platform Architecture

Security-as-Code: Build Once and Enforce Everywhere

Hit the Ground Running with 100s of Built-in Policies and Templates

Go from zero to 60 miles with included policies and templates to identify improvements in security, network, resources allocation, and other critical areas for your cloud security posture management.

Hit the Ground Running with 100s of Built-in Policies and Templates

Write Your Policies, From Templates or From Scratch, with Magalix Rego Playground

Magalix Rego playground and console allow you to write your own policies and apply them in a few minutes. Whether you know Rego or not, our templates help you apply dozens of standards in a snap.

Centralized Policy Management

Top Security Measures, Applied End-To-End

Secure Data Tunnels

The Magalix agent connects through secrets that get refreshed multiple times a day for maximum connection security. Data and control questions between the agent and Magalix backend are hashed using SHA512.

Secure Data Tunnels

Highly Controlled Data Access

The Magalix agent has limited data access to your cloud infrastructure, it does not have access to any of your containers volumes, VM details, Cluster secrets, or networking interfaces nor does it have any exec command to containers. It depends on Kubernetes API endpoints to collect data and manage Kubernetes objects, which gives you full control over what the agent can do.

Highly Controlled Data Access

You Can Combine Any Blocks

Magalix agent logs all its interactions with Kubernetes APIs. Saved logs are encrypted and saved for a limited time. Logs are saved both locally for quick access and at our backend for detailed analysis.

You Can Combine Any Blocks

Integrate Your Cloud-Native Tools

Built for DevOps, trusted by Security teams.


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