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Realize 10x faster up to 50% savings in cost of cloud infrastructure. Gain insights into the cost of users and features 

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“We were very impressed with the technical competence and the white glove treatment we received so far.”

CTO — Medstreaming



“The value of AI and what Magalix has done is really taking this human judgment and automating it in a way that is more proactive than reactive.”

GM - Microsoft



Why Magalix?

We are on a mission to add intelligence to applications and infrastructure so you focus on what truly requires human intelligence. 

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The Right Resources, at The Right Time

Use the right metrics to manage cloud capacity and applications performance. Scale when is actually needed rather than spending on idle capacity

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Understand utilization

Gain deep insights into how users’ behavior and applications impact infrastructure usage. Connect infrastructure performance with metrics that matter.

Do more with less

Run more applications in a highly efficient infrastructure. Reduce overall cost. Be ready for any spikes in product usage.

Full Control & Autonomous

Get back control to what matters without too many knobs. Run resources management on autopilot instead of old-school rules. 

Increase product profitability. Invest in high impact features

Increase Product Profitability. Invest in High Impact Features

Get insights about cost per feature and per user. Learn when cost is impact profits 

High Impact Improvements

Capture how much product features cost over time. Learn how cost is changing from one release to another.

Users Behavior Impacts Cost

Understand how users impact the cost of running the product and features to invest in the right areas.

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