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Magalix GitHub Actions
With GitHub Actions, teams can now automate, customize, and execute their software development workflows in their own repository. Allowing for any customization, teams have the flexibility to create and share any jobs, such as CI/CD. And now, Magalix is now fully integrated with GitHub Actions.
With Magalix GitHub actions, teams will be able to get early feedback on their infrastructure-as-code (IaC) compliance and security, accelerate shipping of secure and compliant infrastructure, and catch any vulnerabilities at run-time.
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Cloud Asset Management and Protection: Compute Assets  

In this blog, part 1 of a 3-part series on cloud asset management and protection, we discuss the types of cloud computing assets, their advantages and drawbacks, and how you protect them using policy-as-code.

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7 Notable and Costly Security Breaches  

Security breaches are prevalent; inadequate implementation of security policies and human error are the leading causes. Learn about the 7 notable and costly security breaches that have are cost the organization millions of dollars and that could have been avoided with proper protocols. 

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"Teams (Dev, Ops, Security) have been operating in silos. And the challenge here, and this is what DevSecOps promises, how can we integrate these things so we break these silos between those teams? So your ops team and development team is more security conscious, and your security team is more integrated into your DevOp processes and tools, so everyone can work together as opposed to working against each other,"


- Magalix CTO, Ahmed Badran.

02 | From our Product
Securing Applications in Kubernetes with Policies

Whether you are leveraging Policies from our ever growing list, or extending out on your own with custom Policies, governing your Kubernetes cluster and the applications that run on top shouldn’t be a difficult task. Enforce and understand your governance posture by enabling Policies with a Magalix Policy Enforcement Platform. 

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03 | For those who like to learn
Shift Left Cloud-Native Security with DevOps Mindset

Embedding security directly into development and production workflows - shifting left - creates an organization where developers, DevOps, and SecOps have shared cyber risk and security ownership. 

By enforcing Kubernetes governance, organizations can protect the full container lifecycle with unified policies, minimize the threat landscape, and build security seamlessly into the cloud.

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