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Application Policy Pack

At Magalix, we’ve decided to help teams and organizations tighten the security of their applications and containers through The Cloud-Native Application Policy Pack. 


Built in-house, and based on our numerous conversations with customers and our ongoing analysis of the security landscape, this pack can get you started in tightening your security gaps, in two weeks or less. This policy pack focuses on the best security and configuration practices to avoid exposing critical databases, endpoints, or any other assets/resources.

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The Benefits of Compliance-as-Code  

Compliance as code has the capability to detect and correct compliance issues in near real-time. Learn more about the benefits of using compliance-as-code. 

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Top 8 Kubernetes Security Best Practices  

At Magalix, we're serious about containers and security. So we put together a list of our top 8 security best practices for Kubernetes development.

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"Security is still treated as more of a niche knowledge area. We still want security reviews, but the security reviews would be a lot easier if security knowledge was a bigger investment for developers."

- Peter Samaan, Remitly
02 | From our Product
Secure IaC - Validation and Remediation

Secure your infrastructure, validate, and remediate real-time violations with Magalix Policy Enforcement Engine. 


 Without any additional configuration, immediately learn about your security posture using our built-in Policy library. When you get a handle on your run-time environments, shift those same policies left by incorporating them into your Workflow. With the provided dashboard and reporting features, gain insights with our rich Analytics. When encountering an error, examine in-depth details so you can know what’s happening immediately.

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03 | For those who like to learn
Shift Left Cloud-Native Security with DevOps Mindset

Embedding security directly into development and production workflows - shifting left - creates an organization where developers, DevOps, and SecOps have shared cyber risk and security ownership. 

By enforcing Kubernetes governance, organizations can protect the full container lifecycle with unified policies, minimize the threat landscape, and build security seamlessly into the cloud.

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