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CIS Benchmarks Policy Pack

CIS Benchmarks, a set of cybersecurity best practices, is now a standard at Magalix. We’ve mapped CIS Benchmark controls to Magalix Policies so that you can sort, filter, and group by this standard. 


Also included with this release is an update to our Reporting module.  Generate reports based on CIS Benchmark compliance and use those same Policies to help your organization shift security left. Understand which controls are in violation, which entities are violating them, and what remediation steps are.


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“CIS Benchmarks are a de facto standard for checking compliance against security best practices. By adding CIS policies to Magalix ever-increasing library of policy standards, we aim to provide our customers with a quick way to assess their compliance posture using one of the best-known standards in the industry. This allows our customers to continue to be productive and agile while having peace of mind and guarantees about the compliance and security of their infrastructure"


Ahmed Badran,

Magalix co-founder and CTO.

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Kubernetes Main Attack Vectors Tree: An Explainer Guide
Kubernetes Main Attack Vectors Tree: An Explainer Guide  

K8s attack tree is essentially a threat model that offers a detailed view of potential threats and mitigations.  Learn more about K8s main attack vectors and how this threat model can be used.

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Best practices for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
Best practices for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)  

Check out this brief guide with 5 best practices for cloud security posture management.

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“As cybersecurity leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture and you need the business to take place and be part of that security culture.” 


 Britney Hommertzheim

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Magalix Integrations

With Magalix, you can embed security and compliance guardrails into your DevOps workflows. Check out all the possible integrations with the Magalix Policy Enforcement Platform.

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The Ultimate FinTech Guide to Cloud-Native Security and Compliance

The complex and dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure has exponentially increased the challenges of security and compliance, and has brought forth the question: How can organizations in the FinTech sector ensure security and compliance in the fast-paced world of “Build fast, Deliver Fast”?


Check out this whitepaper to learn more about the trends that shape the industry, security and compliance challenges, and how security-as-code can help.

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