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Auto-Remediation Policies with GitHub

Earlier this year, Magalix fully integrated with GitHub Actions. With this integration, teams were alerted with any security and compliance violations at run-time but DevOps engineers still had to invest time and resources to fix the issues.


Here is where Auto-Remediation for GitHub Actions comes in. Auto-remediation streamlines the SDLC process even further by creating a remediation Pull Request (PR) with the suggested fixes for the reported violations. The operators can then review the fixes and merge that PR to their repo. 


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“Our goal here at Magalix is to help software teams focus their time and effort on innovation, instead of getting sidetracked in securing their infrastructure and remaining compliant.”

Mostafa Megahid,
Technical Product Manager at Magalix.

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MITRE ATT&CK Matrix for Kubernetes  

Learn more about the MITRE ATT&CK framework for Kubernetes, stages, and tactics in this brief guide.

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Cloud Drift Detection
Cloud Drift Detection with Policy-as-Code  

The best way to mitigate potential risks related to drift is by determining the configuration changes programmatically - with policy-as-code.

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“As cybersecurity leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture and you need the business to take place and be part of that security culture.” 


 Britney Hommertzheim

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Magalix KubeGuard

KubeGuard extends Magalix Policies outside of a Kubernetes run-time environment to earlier stages within your existing software development pipelines. KubeGuard is a policy-on-demand service that allows for one or more policies bundled together behind a RESTful endpoint. Learn more about Magalix KubeGuard.

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03 | Free Whitepaper
The Ultimate FinTech Guide to Cloud-Native Security and Compliance

The complex and dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure has exponentially increased the challenges of security and compliance, and has brought forth the question: How can organizations in the FinTech sector ensure security and compliance in the fast-paced world of “Build fast, Deliver Fast”?


Check out this whitepaper to learn more about the trends that shape the industry, security and compliance challenges, and how security-as-code can help.

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