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🛒 Magalix on the Marketplaces 🛒

Hey ,

Have you tried Anthos yet? Did you know that Magalix agent is one of 3 certified Anthos plugins on GCP marketplace?

Magalix is now available on the Azure marketplace as well!

Magalix on Azure Marketplace

In just a few clicks, you can install the magalix agent from either of these marketplaces and if you are not using Azure or Google Cloud Platform, you can install the agent directly from or from GitHub.

We are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. In just a few minutes you will see your metrics flowing and in 3-4 hours you will start receiving recommendations on how to optimize your infrastructure. Get started today for FREE.

Oh and stay tuned for a BIG announcement next week. 

GCP marketplace

Cairo kubernetes september meetup

Magalix kicks off a new kubernetes meetup group in Cairo, Egypt

"Where past meets the future" 
Magalix Engineering team in Cairo started a new meetup group and kicked off the first event on Wednesday Septemeber 18th. See our twitter account @magalix for some pictures. 

We had over 90 kubernetes enthusiasts attend the first event with speakers from Magalix and Instabug. If interested in speaking in upcoming events send an email to

kubernetes scheduler - Magalix

Influencing Kubernetes Scheduler Decisions

To ensure maximum possible performance and availability given the infrastructure at hand, the scheduler uses complex algorithms to ensure the most efficient Pod placement. we discuss how the scheduler selects the best node to host the Pod and how we can influence its decision.
What's inside:
  • Which node has available resources?
  • Influencing the scheduling process.
  • Node name / Node Selector.
  • Node Affinity / Pop Affinity.
  • Taints and tolerations.



From the Community

As always, a selection of cool stuff we've found in the larger K8s community - exciting news, updates, releases, vulnerabilities and more. If there is something you want us to include in a newsletter please send it to

A look into the technical details of kubernetes 1.16

This week Kubernetes 1.16 is expected and we want to highlight the technical features that enterprise Kubernetes users should know about. With Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) moving into official general availability, storage improvements, and more, this release hardens the project and celebrates the main extension points for building cloud native applications on Kubernetes.


10 Questions To Assess Your Container and Kubernetes Security

There are many security considerations to be aware of when using Kubernetes—are your images, deployments, nodes and clusters properly locked down? Below are 10 questions you should ask your DevOps and security teams to help ensure your containers and Kubernetes clusters are secure throughout the container life cycle.


Why securing Kubernetes and containers can’t come ‘after the app’

Where would hybrid information technology be today without containers? The virtualized method for running distributed applications zips workloads from on-premises to cloud and back. Kubernetes — the open-source platform for orchestrating containers — helped solve the challenge of running them at scale.


Kubernetes veteran, Tim Hockin: In software, people are always wrong

It wasn’t that long ago that desktop applications were the thing everybody was spending their resources on. However, with the development of cloud services at an all time  high, it seems like companies that go down the route of local deployment have become if not the minority, at least a lot less visible nowadays.


For more details about magalix agent:

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Magalix agent at GCP Marketplace Untitled-2

Magalix agent at Azure Marketplace azure