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This week: New Magalix Documentation, More Cloud-Native Community Articles, and a COVID-19 Donation!

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This week: We've got a ton of fresh updates for you.

Two weeks ago, we released the new version of Magalix. Feeling overwhelmed and confused by resource optimization in Kubernetes? We have just the ticket. Check out our Resource Automation features and upgrade your cluster with our 14-day free trial.

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Need more info? We also released updates to our documentation here.

We continue to grow our Cloud-Native Expert Community through the Write for Cloud-Native Program. Check out this week's article, on deploying a NodeJS server on Kubernetes, here.

In addition, we made our second $100 donation to COVID-19 Relief, as we're matching every payment to our Community Experts with donations to GiveDirectly.

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We're in the process of setting up a dashboard that will make all of our donations and tracking transparent for the community, but in the meantime, we will document our (and your!) contributions to this effort.

If you'd like to level up the cloud-native community's knowledge while supporting a great cause, apply to Write for Cloud-Native today. Thanks for reading!

Write For Cloud-Native on the Magalix Blog

Nodejs App Sample From Docker to Kubernetes Cluster

Nodejs App From Docker to Kubernetes Cluster

In this article, we’re developing a starter NodeJS server and deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster, starting from the very primary server, then building the image from docker and deploying it to the Kubernetes cluster.



Avoid These Big Mistakes When Implementing Docker Containers

Switching from traditional Vms to containerized applications can bring major upgrades in efficiency and reliability. But if you handle your containers incorrectly, you’ll be throwing all those benefits out the window – and frustrating your users in the process!

From the K8s Community

 Threat Stack Report Highlights Common Kubernetes Security Issues

A security report for the first quarter of 2020 published by Threat Stack, a provider of tools for ensuring security and compliance in the cloud, details some of the most common security issues organizations are encountering when they deploy Kubernetes on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

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NetApp’s ‘Project Astra’ Brings Data Management to Kubernetes

Data management and storage provider NetApp wants to help organizations rely on a single platform to manage data services, storage and applications controlled by Kubernetes.

Working with the Kubernetes community, NetApp has introduced Project Astra, a platform to help organizations manage — through single control planes of their choice — the entire data lifecycle for Kubernetes deployments. These capabilities will include disaster recovery, governance and data protection and replication, in addition to full storage capabilities


DevSecOps: Shifting Left and Shifting Right

Organization’s ability to cope with the complexity of delivering software at high velocity, with confidence and excellent quality, in a multi-speed IT landscape and hybrid environments has become a reality with the DevOps best practices like continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. But there have been shifting approaches that are confusing to Devops people, 'shift left' and 'shift right.' So, the question is, what exactly are we shifting here?

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How to Build a ChatOps-Bot with Slack and Kubernetes

ChatOps allows you to manage your DevOps tasks using chat based interfaces. Learn how to build a simple bot to control a Kubernetes cluster using Slack.
In the end you are able to view Kubernetes logs and info using Slack chat messages.
No prior knowledge of Kubernetes, or the Slack API is necessary.
So let’s get started building by exploring what ChatOps is.

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