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Kubernetes 1.17 is here! 🚀

Hey there,

Kubernetes 1.17 was just released, and there are plenty of changes to get excited about! Read on to learn about:
  • Structured outputs for Kubeadm
  • Changes to kube-scheduler and how they affect your Pods
  • IPv6 support (!!!)

and more.

Read the Deep Dive on K8s 1.17
We also released yet another article on Automatic Scaling, and released a guide on our hiring practices and culture. If you're interested in working on K8s with us, check it out!


Kubernetes Automatic Scaling

Scaling means the practice of adapting your infrastructure to new load conditions. If you have more load, you scale up to enable the environment to respond swiftly/on-time and avoid node-crash. When things cool down and there isn’t much load, you scale down to optimize your costs. Scaling can be thought of in two ways:

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Magalix Engineering Interview Guide

We believe that the value of Magalix stems from each team member. We lay a lot of emphasis on our hiring and onboarding of new team members. We believe that the hiring process should be an enjoyable and educational experience for you (interviewee) and Magalixers as well. We thought of providing you some guidelines to set you up for success during the interview process.


From the K8s Community

Kubernetes in Layman's Terms

If you aren’t in IT, you may not have heard of Kubernetes. But it’s being swiftly and quietly adopted in the tech world.

VMware calls it “the new Java”, after the programming language invented in 1996 and used in just about everything today. That’s how big and pervasive they think this technology will become.

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Top 4 open source automation tools for admins

Your company's IT operations are growing faster than you can keep up with. You've reached a point where the only option to keep growth moving forward is to automate. Fortunately, there are plenty of open source automation tools available for such tasks.
Of course, how you automate a task depends on its original implementation. Maybe it was a container deployment or was done through a third-party proprietary tool or was built in-house with open source software


Sophos Tracks Kubernetes Vulnerabilities, Adds Threat Intel Platform

Sophos acquired the technology for its Cloud Optix security platform when it bought Avid Secure in January. The two-year-old startup had developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based cloud security platform that provides analytics and automates governance, risk, and compliance across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


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KubeCon highlights huge growth in the adoption of Kubernetes

Kamesh Pemmaraju, head of product marketing a Platform9, explained the survey's findings in a blog post and highlighted the wide adoption of Kubernetes, an open-source container operating system. More than 400 people reported that their company planned to run at least 50 clusters in production in the next six months.

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