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Cloud Native Logging & Monitoring 1

Cloud-Native Logging And Monitoring Pattern

The Need For Observability in The Cloud-Native World.

Any system that runs without exposing the necessary information about its health, the status of the applications running inside it, and whether or not something has gone wrong is simply useless. But this has been said many times before, right? Since the early ages of mainframes and punch-card programming, there have always been gauges for monitoring the system’s temperature and power among other things.


The adapter pattern

The Adapter Pattern

Why do we need an adapter container?

All containerized applications are able to communicate with each other through a well-defined protocol, typically HTTP. Each application has a set of endpoints that expect an HTTP verb (GET, POST, etc.) to do a specific action. It is the responsibility of the client to determine how to communicate with the server application.


From the K8s Community

Why Container Runtimes Deserve More Attention

You can’t say the same for container runtimes, or the execution engine that actually runs containers.

There remains a long list of widely used container runtimes, including containerd, CRIO-O, rkt and Kata, to name just the most popular ones. I don’t think you could argue that any of these solutions has emerged as the clear leader at this point.

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Predictions 2020: Cloud, Kubernetes and cybersecurity will rule

As we enter 2020, most large enterprises are beginning to moderate their spending on information technology. But at the same time, they’re doubling down on the emerging technologies they believe will have the most transformational effect on their business — something they’ll be stepping up throughout the New Year.


Cloud computing in 2020: Predictions about security, AI, Kubernetes, more

The cloud is a technology that shattered the ceiling long ago and keeps rising. Ten years ago, we never dreamed that consumers and businesses would claim such a deep dependence on the cloud. Yet, here we are, so let's dream big for cloud in 2020.

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Logging and Kubernetes: Just the Facts

Are you looking to maximize system performance? Could the speed and efficiency of all your apps use a boost? If you already use the Kubernetes open-source system for container-orchestration, it’s worth it to take the time to dig in and get acquainted with the cluster. How you might ask? Well it’s time to review and study your logs.

Later on, when you are faced with a major monitoring or debugging situation, that in-depth knowledge will be of immense help in bolstering system stability and tuning up important apps. But, here’s the twist: Kubernetes logs are quite different from traditional ones.

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