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This week: Creating a CI/CD Pipeline with Kubernetes and Drone CI

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This week we bring you an even deeper dive into the particulars of CI/CD with a concrete example - Building a CI/CD Pipeline with Drone CI and Kubernetes.

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Building a CD pipeline with Drone CI and Kubernetes-3

Building A CD Pipeline With Drone CI And Kubernetes

In a previous article, we discussed what CI/CD is, the kind of problems it tries to solve, and where it stands in the DevOps paradigm. We also built a small lab where we used Jenkins, Ansible, and Kubernetes to build a Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline. In this article, we will be building a similar CD pipeline, but this time we are using Drone CI.



Kubernetes Monitoring 101 — Core pipeline & Services Pipeline

Understanding Kubernetes monitoring pipeline(s) is essential to help you diagnose run-time problems and to manage the scale of your pods, and cluster. Monitoring is one of these areas that are evolving very rapidly inside Kubernetes. It has a lot of pieces that are still in the influx and hence some confusion. My goal as I hope in this article is to clarify it a bit and to give you a good starting point.


From the K8s Community

Kubernetes Rollouts: 5 security best practices

Anyone that has followed Kubernetes and containers over the past few years knows that security has become a central point of failure for this technology. Security issues can arise from nearly any point—from container images, runtime engines, poorly secured networks, etc. So for any business looking to adopt container technology, the importance of security cannot be overstated.

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Kubernetes: 6 secrets of successful teams

Magalix Editor's note: Check out our team invite functionality to see how we can help you coordinate K8s cluster optimization across your team.

Kubernetes has developed a reputation as both a powerful but potentially complex platform for managing modern applications and infrastructure, and not without reason. It’s a serious tool, but there’s a learning curve.

“Kubernetes is complicated, especially if you expect zero downtime deployments,” says Matthew Dresden, director of DevOps at Nexient.


Using Role-based Access Control (RBAC) to Tighten Kubernetes Security

In my most recent Kubernetes attack and defense webinar, I demonstrate a Kubernetes attack through a Scott Pilgrim-themed scenario. If you haven’t seen the Scott Pilgrim movie, definitely check it out!

The attacks in my webinar demonstrate defeating the “evil ex” bad guys of the movie as you escalate privilege through a Linux-based Kubernetes cluster. In one step, we gain a password through a monkey-in-the-middle (MitM) attack, where we intercept a communication between two containers in the cluster. It’s much easier than it sounds!

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How to Visualize Kubernetes Cluster Events in real-time

In this article, you will learn how to publish Kubernetes cluster events data to Amazon Elastic Search using Fluentd logging agent. The data will then be viewed using Kibana, an open-source visualization tool for Elasticsearch. Amazon ES consists of integrated Kibana integration.

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