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This week: COVID-19 Donations, and scaling up our Write for Cloud-Native Program for the DevOps community

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This week, we at Magalix put some thought into how we, as a technology company, can help given this moment we're facing with COVID-19. 

While we're not involved in the fight directly, we extended our Write for Cloud-Native program to do our part in the COVID-19 fight. Starting today, for every new published article from our community experts, we will be donating an equal amount to GiveDirectly.

Read more about how we're expanding our program, and apply today.

Write For Cloud-Native on the Magalix Blog


Working with istio

Working With Istio: Track Your Services With Kiali

In previous articles, we’ve explained the concept of service meshes, and we’ve also started exploring Istio as an example of the most popular service mesh applications. In this article, we get to start playing with Istio to understand the features and power it provides. We start by visiting one of the tools that ships with Istio: Kiali.

Note: This lab assumes that you have a working Kubernetes cluster, with Istio installed, and the demo configuration profile selected.



Helping Communities Affected by COVID-19 Directly - Expanding the Magalix Write for Cloud-Native Program's Impact and Payout

At Magalix, our teams are based in Seattle, WA, and Cairo, Egypt, both areas that are now under lockdown, facing the consequences of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. In our day-to-day, we’re not directly contributing to relief efforts outside of social distancing in our own communities. This moment has called for some reflection from us - what can we all do as a team to aid in relief efforts?


From the K8s Community

Kubernetes Security – A Useful Bash One-Liner

Whether you’re an administrator, pentester, devop engineer, programmer, or some other IT person, chances are that you’ve heard of Kubernetes (k8s). If you’re a penetration tester like myself you may sometimes find yourself in odd situations involving k8s. One such situation is getting or being given super admin to a Kubernetes cluster, but you’re on a restricted network and can’t reach out to the internet to download and install third party tools to assist in your assessment. That is why I’m a fan of living off of the land when I can, and when it comes to K8s there’s no better tool than it’s very own kubectl.  Even without super god tier cluster admin rights, it’s an indispensable tool for working with Kubernetes from all perspectives; the builder, the defender, and like me the attacker.

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Catch Breaches Faster With Automated Kubernetes Audit Log Monitoring

By 2021, 92% of enterprises will take a cloud-native approach to their software, transforming their monolithic applications into microservices-based architectures. These containerized applications are increasingly orchestrated by Kubernetes, with 44% of companies using Kubernetes in production in 2019. The speed, flexibility and scalability that come with Kubernetes are hard to resist, which is why cloud-native is quickly becoming the status quo for DevOps teams. But what happens when something goes wrong?


Running Linux Applications as Unikernels with K8S

If you've read some of my prior articles you might've thought I'd never write this one huh? :) Well here goes.
A common question that we get is "Can you use unikernels with K8S?" The answer is yes, however, there are caveats. Namely, unikernels come packaged as virtual machines and in many cases k8s is provisioned on the public cloud on top of virtual machines. Also, you should be aware that provisioning unikernels under k8s incurs security risks that you would otherwise not need to deal with. These are greatly diminished as the guests are unikernels, not linux guests, but still.

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Kubernetes vs OpenShift: This is what you need to know

Kubernetes is the most popular orchestration engine — on the other hand, OpenShift from Redhat is one of the most popular implementations of this orchestration engine.

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