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This week: Introducing Write for Cloud-Native. Container Security, Cluster Security and More!

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This week on the blog we covered container security, cluster security, and more. If you're itchin' to get into the specifics of cluster security, look no further!

In addition, last week we launched Write for Cloud-Native! Write for Cloud-Native is a program that supports engineers, technical writers, and community members who are excited to share their experiences and knowledge with the fast-growing cloud-native community. The content will be shared at Magalix's blog with thousands of readers each day. We will be paying authors for contributions. If you're interested, check it out below!
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Running containers securely under Kubernetes

Running Containers Securely Under Kubernetes

When you decide to use containers for running your software, you save money, effort, and can make use of orchestration systems like Kubernetes, and that even increases your business efficiency. However, switching to containers also means following a different mindset when dealing with issues like security. Many people are fooled into thinking that containers are just lighter forms of virtual machines. While containers can give you the illusion that they are working on their own, isolated from the host’s operating system and from other containers, the truth is, they aren’t.

Basics of Securing Your Kubernetes Cluster

Basics of Securing Your Kubernetes Cluster

When it comes to cloud-native technologies, a lot of people fall into the trap of overlooking security. They mistakenly think that, since their application is hosted on somebody else’s datacenter, that somebody shall take all the required precautions to protect their business against digital attacks. While this assumption holds some truth, we have to make an important distinction between what lies on you (the client) and what is handled by the cloud provider in terms of security.


From the K8s Community

Cisco Unveils Kubernetes Platform

Cisco Systems today launched a Cisco Hyperflex Application Platform that marks the first time the company has made available a hyperconverged platform available that comes pre-installed with a distribution of Kubernetes.

Eugene Kim, a product marketing manager within the data center group at Cisco, says the Cisco Hyperflex Application Platform is also integrated with Cisco Intersight analytics software for infrastructure and AppDynamics application performance management software. These technologies together aim to increase the appeal of the platform to organizations that have embraced best DevOps practices.

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Portshift Releases Security Tool for Kubernetes

Portshift, a provider of identity-based workload protection for cloud-native applications, today introduced a simplified and intuitive pod security policy (PSP) implementation for Kubernetes.

Portshift’s PSP implementation allows users to harden their Kubernetes clusters security settings, with an agentless approach eliminating the need to deploy a daemonset (software agent) on all Kubernetes nodes.


Choosing the best Kubernetes Management System for an enterprise

When we look at the records, then one thing is evident, and that is Kubernetes went through explosive growth in the year 2017. There is no denying the fact that Kubernetes is a clear winner when it comes to orchestration management tools. As per a rough approximation, 71% of the IT decision-makers are keen to use Enterprise Kubernetes so that they can manage their container infrastructure.

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Why securing Kubernetes and containers can’t come ‘after the app’

Where would hybrid information technology be today without containers? The virtualized method for running distributed applications zips workloads from on-premises to cloud and back. Kubernetes — the open-source platform for orchestrating containers — helped solve the challenge of running them at scale.

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