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Magalix Supports OKE

We have exciting news to share with you this week. Magalix Enterprise is now an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) technology partner. As an OCI partner, Magalix fully supports Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE), enabling users to secure their OKE infrastructure with Magalix security-as-code platform. 


By supporting OKE, Magalix allows customers to connect OKE and non-OKE clusters to a single backend platform for an integrated and unified view of their security, ops, and development teams. 


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“We wanted to help our enterprise customers to have more flexibility about where our backend and their policies should run. Many enterprises wanted to have a unified experience and secure platform to secure their kubernetes clusters whether they are running at different cloud providers or on-prem. The new enterprise version of Magalix provides a new set of policies with the ability to scale to hundreds of Kubernetes clusters,”

 Mohamed Ahmed, Magalix Co-Founder, and CEO. 
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The Shared Security Model - Dividing Responsibilities  

In the world of the cloud, security is a shared responsibility between cloud provider and their customer. Learn more about who is responsible for what in this article. 

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How to Start Left with Security Using Git Pre-Commit Hooks  

Learn how to leverage pre-commit hooks available in Git to validate Kubernetes application manifests to prevent security violations from taking place. 

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02 | From theSaC Podcast
Featured Episode
Ep. 3 | A Tale of Two Woes: Security and DevOps
Featuring Peter Saman - Infrastructure Engineering Manager - Remitly
In this episode of the SaC, Mo, Magalix CEO and co-founder, talks to Peter Samaan, an Infrastructure Engineering Manager at Remitly about building and maintaining a secure infrastructure, in the DevOps world. Be sure to check it out! 
"Security is still treated as more of a niche knowledge area. We still want security reviews, but the security reviews would be a lot easier if security knowledge was a bigger investment for developers."

- Peter Samaan, Remitly 
03 | From our Product
Detailed Cloud Usage and Compliance Reporting

When it comes to right-sizing your cloud footprint and lowering costs, take the guesswork and manual intervention out of your dynamic infrastructure and leverage data and evidence to make the best decision possible. With Kubernetes, managing an additional layer of resources can be a bit tricky so getting the right insights you need to make the best decision possible is crucial.

Magalix analyzes data out of the box by capturing usage metrics, and resource configurations to take the guesswork out of right-sizing your containers and nodes.

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04 | For those who like to learn
Shift Left Cloud-Native Security withDevOps Mindset

Embedding security directly into development and production workflows - shifting left - creates an organization where developers, DevOps, and SecOps have shared cyber risk and security ownership. 

By enforcing Kubernetes governance, organizations can protect the full container lifecycle with unified policies, minimize the threat landscape, and build security seamlessly into the cloud.

Governance WhitePaper
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