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THE MAGALIX CLOUD-NATIVE WEEKLY   |   September 17th 2020
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Reducing your Google Cloud Platform bill by 40%? Come see how.

One week from today, come learn how to optimize your cloud infrastructure resources (CPU, memory, and node pool in Kubernetes) with a focus on cost savings. 

Ahmed Badran, CTO at Magalix, will use a real-world example of how we cut our Google Cloud Platform monthly bill by around 40% by using our own product to constantly analyze and optimize on our node pool configurations, and other parameters.

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Enforce that all Kubernetes container images must have a label that is not “latest” using OPA 2

The Importance of Using Labels in Your Kubernetes Workload Specs: A Guide

Even a small Kubernetes cluster may have hundreds of Containers, Pods, Services and many other Kubernetes API objects.

It quickly..

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Memory_working_set vs Memory_rss-1

How to Deploy a React App to a Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes is a gold standard in the industry for deploying containerized applications in the cloud. Many cloud providers (e.g.,..

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Kubernetes Governance Simpified - with OPA.

Struggling with authentication, network security policy, and governance on cloud-native technology? Learn more about Open Policy Agent and our easy way to write policies for it in Magalix.

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From the Kubernetes Community
Ansible vs Docker vs Kubernetes: Which DevOps Tool is Best?

DevOps is the most common buzzword in the world of organizational data culture and software development. It is an operational culture that aims at continuous development and integration, and ...

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Three tips to implement Kubernetes with open standards

The technologies chosen by enterprise IT departments today will have a long-term impact on their performance, operations and overall strategy. Sometimes it can take well over a decade to realize the full implications of a technology solution.

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Automate your container orchestration with Ansible modules for Kubernetes

Ansible is one of the best tools for automating your work. Kubernetes is one of the best tools for orchestrating containers. What happens when you combine the two? As you might expect, Ansible combined with Kubernetes lets you automate your container orchestration.

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