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THE MAGALIX CLOUD-NATIVE WEEKLY   |   September 10th 2020
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Questions about Kubernetes optimization, governance, or capacity management? We've got just the thing.

This week on Tuesday we covered capacity management on our webinar series. You can see the replay here.

Speaking of webinars, on September 24th we'll be covering Kubernetes Optimization and most importantly, we'll show you step by step how we saved 40% on our monthly cloud bill. Sign up below 👇

Lastly, this week we bring you a deep-dive on deploying a generic React app on Kubernetes, as well as our CTO Ahmed Badran's deep-dive on how Kubernetes Governance works. Check it out, and hit reply if you want to tell us what we should write about!

PS: Next week we announce the winner of our KubeCon AirPods giveaway! Stay tuned!

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How to Deploy a React App to a Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes is a gold standard in the industry for deploying containerized applications in the cloud. Many cloud providers (e.g.,..

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Governance final

Kubernetes Governance With Magalix

Kubernetes Governance simply means the ability of an operations team to verify and enforce some certain policies and standards..

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Live Webinars to Help You on Your Cloud-Native Journey

Struggling with optimizing pod resource usage on Kubernetes? Trying to setup CI/CD guardrails for your team? Check out our webinars on key topics like capacity management and policy enforcement.

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From the Kubernetes Community
How To Enforce Kubernetes Network Security Policies Using OPA

Today we are going to use OPA to validate our Kubernetes Network Policies. In a nutshell, a network policy in Kubernetes enables you to enforce restrictions on pod intercommunication.

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How companies can get the most out of their Kubernetes & containerized workload spend

If you want to operate in the cloud today, you have to be on Kubernetes. Enabling an interoperable, open-source ecosystem with significant support from vendors has been widely adopted almost everywhere, regardless of whether your company was ‘born in the cloud’, or ‘born before the cloud’.

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etcd Data Store Project Key to Scaling Kubernetes Clusters

The etcd distributed key/value store is starting to play a key role in the management of fleets of Kubernetes clusters in the enterprise. Currently an incubation-level project being advanced under the auspices of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)...

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How Raspberry Pi and Kubernetes work together

Raspberry Pi and  Kubernetes are both “cool” technologies cut from different cloths. But have you considered using them together?

The Raspberry Pi is hardware, a single-board computer with an ARM-compatible CPU, while Kubernetes is software for running and managing containers.

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