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Live Webinar - 5 Steps To Better Capacity Management On Kubernetes

Learn the basics of capacity management live, this upcoming Monday, August 10th, with Magalix.

Having trouble picking a billing model? Don't know where to start with resource allocation? We've got you covered. In addition to answering these questions, we'll cover:

  • The best ways to model and frame capacity management for Kubernetes clusters and cloud-native apps. 
  • The top 5 scenarios that you should consider while managing the allocation of CPU/memory to different pods and workloads inside your Kubernetes cluster. 
  • The different ways to rightsize your cluster and create effective node pools. 

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Deploying And Maintaining Kubernetes Using Ansible

Writing an operator can be difficult because of the amount of Kubernetes component knowledge required to do so. The Operator SDK..

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enforce ingress best practices using opa 1_png

Enforce Ingress Best Practices Using OPA


In this section of our OPA series, we define policies that ensure that no bad Ingress definitions will be deployed to our..

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The Magalix Platform

Whether you're an SRE, Software Developer, Engineering Manager or Technical Leader, Magalix has a solution to accelerate and optimize your team's cloud-native journey.

From configuration management and security to governance, learn more about how Magalix can help your team.

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From the Kubernetes Community
Monitoring .NET Core applications on Kubernetes

Prometheus is an open source monitoring solution that collects metrics from the system and its applications. As a developer, you can query these metrics and use them to create alerts, which you can use as a source for dashboards. One example would be using Prometheus metrics with Grafana.

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The community hat rules the company hat in open source

Identity matters in open source, but not how you might think. For example, Lili Cosic works for Red Hat, and she’s also a maintainer within the Kubernetes community, responsible for kube-state-metrics. While Red Hat encourages Cosic in her Kubernetes work, they don’t control her involvement. Open source is a separate, personal thing.

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Common Container and Kubernetes Vulnerabilities

As Kubernetes gains more prominence, concern is mounting over how we gauge its effectiveness and mitigate container security vulnerabilities. Such vulnerabilities could leave a cluster unsecured or a container compromised, open to misuse by malicious users for things such as cryptomining.

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Great list of #Kubernetes gotchas.
critical #devops practices most teams are still failing to do in 2020: - Cloud infrastructure MUST BE codified and version controlled - all software MUST BE deployed automatically - human hands MUST NOT touch production environments - human eyes MUST NOT see secret keys

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