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Webinars to help you raise your Kubernetes game.

If you're getting this, chances are you came to our blog to learn about CI/CD on Kubernetes, or downloaded one of our eBooks on key subject matter areas of Kubernetes like capacity management or application patterns.

Learning via reading blogs and eBooks is fine, but sometimes we need a more hands-on approach. For that reason we've put together a series of webinars to address capacity management in 5 parts, governance and security policy, and more.

Our next webinar will be today on Kubernetes Governance. Sign up below!

Secondly, we're still giving away AirPods from now until the end of August to anyone who registers on Magalix, connects a cluster to our agent, and executes one recommendation.  Enter here.

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Understanding Kubernetes Memory Metrics

Kubernetes collects lots of metrics data regarding the resources usage within the cluster (cpu, memory, network, disk). In this..

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Governance framework

Kubernetes Governance 101

The availability of elastic cloud computing, scalable cloud storage, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from a variety of..

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Live Webinars to Help You on Your Cloud-Native Journey

Struggling with optimizing pod resource usage on Kubernetes? Trying to setup CI/CD guardrails for your team? Check out our webinars on key topics like capacity management and policy enforcement.

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From the Kubernetes Community
Logging for Kubernetes: What to Log and How to Log It

No matter what your Kubernetes environment looks like, logging and monitoring are among the first major challenges you’ll need to address as you begin your Kubernetes journey.

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How To NOT pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam

You will find a lot of articles with good tips on how to ace the CKA exam. You should definitely read them! When preparing for the exam, it sure helped me a lot. But as I am now certified, in retrospect, I can say some of these advices may not be worth your time.

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The New Security Paradigm for Kubernetes and Istio

One of the great benefits of cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes is the ability to expand and contract based on immediate resource requirements. The elasticity of Kubernetes allows the administrator to automatically provision more space based on expectations of a large load.

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