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Free Download Kubernetes 101 Series E-book: The ultimate 3 part Kubernetes K8s E-book Guide from Magalix covers the basics of Kubernetes management, security, and optimization. Get your "Kubernetes 101 Series" E-book copy for FREE NOW.
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What's In The Kubernetes 101 E-book?

We study Pods, Services, ReplicaSets, Deployments, StatefulSet, and Jobs. By the end of this book, you should have a working knowledge of Kubernetes and you should be able to build your own cluster, and decide what parts of K8s to focus on, and which are extraneous.

Kubernetes 101 Ebook Part_1: Concepts & Building Blocks
Part 1 - Kubernetes Concepts & Building Blocks
Kubernetes 101 Ebook Part_2: Configs, Secrets & Observability
Part 2 - Configs, Secrets & Observability
Kubernetes 101 Ebook Part_3: Networking, Resources Management & Security
Part 3 - Networking, Resources Management & Security

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