Automate Kubernetes Best Practices So You Can Run A Secure, Reliable, Performant, And Efficient Cloud-Native Stack

Get full visibility into how and why to improve K8s and your applications. Gain full control over your infrastructure and Kubernetes with adaptive automation.


Learn, Automate, and Build Confidence in Your Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Stack

Get the right visibility. Learn how to improve your infrastructure on critical dimensions.

Get a running tally of your utilization, and understand exactly when to scale up, or roll back.
Know the impact of changes before you make them
The evidence and reasoning for changes are always one click away. Know exactly why we recommend the changes.
Your kubernetes cluster is production-ready

Secure, Reliable, Performant & Efficient Kubernetes

Magalix KubeAdvisor analyzes your Kubernetes cluster applications and gives you actionable tasks to improve it across all these dimensions.

It doesn't matter whether you are just getting started or a Pro, there is always something to be improved!

The Right Visibility. The Right Action

See what needs to be improved with the right evidence - KubeAdvisor justifies it's decisions with textual or visual evidence for each Recommendation. If you don't know how to fix the issue, it also links you to the right resources, whether it's our own docs, or Kubernetes documentation.

Fix it in a Snap with Adaptive Automation 

Your infrastructure and applications evolve quickly. You don't need to keep chasing every change in your stack. Turn on Autopilot for low-risk recommendations and entities. Set your policies and let the Autopilot adapt!

What is KubeAdvisor?

KubeAdvisor helps you run secure, reliable, performant, and efficient Kubernetes and cloud-native applications. It provides the right visibility into improvements and full control of infrastructure with adaptive automation. 

How KubeAdvisor can help you accelerate your kubernetes journey
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Control Capacity, Cloud Cost, and Utilization with a Trusted Advisor

One helpful advisor to help you optimize K8s containers, nodes, and clusters, from top to bottom. 

Cut costs, proactively manage capacity and improve reliability.

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Best of all - Put it on Magalix Autopilot

For those low-level decisions that you don’t need to make anymore, let KubeAdvisor’s Autopilot take the wheel.

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