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Starting a New Chapter

We introduce to you the SaC: Security-as-Code. SaC is all about codifying and automating security into DevOps workflows. In the most basic of definitions, SaC is about enabling companies to innovate confidently and securely. 


In this biweekly newsletter, we will be sharing technical blogs on how you can secure your infrastructure using policy-as-code,  educational articles, thought leadership, our product updates, and more. 

The root cause of many security incidents is an assumption that the cloud provider is handling something when it turns out nobody was handling it
Chris Dotson.
01 | From theSaC Hub
Featured Blog
How To: On Using Cloud-Native BuildPacks for Operational Efficiency  

CNB offers a rich capability for building OCI images. There are various layer caching practices, image inspection, and runtime rebasing, which are helpful.

More In-Depth
How to Improve your Cloud Security Posture with Security-as-Code  

How organizations can prevent cloud misconfigurations and ensure continuous compliance with their security policies with a policy-as-code framework

More In-Depth
02 | From theSaC Podcast
Featured Episode
Ep. 1 | What is Security as Code?
Featuring Ahmed Badran, CTO - Magalix
We have kicked off the first episode of the SaC Podcast. In the pilot episode, Mohamed Ahmed and Ahmed Badran, CEO and CTO of Magalix, discuss Security-as-Code and why it’s imperative to build the right DevSecOps culture in your team. Be sure to check it out!
Invention is not the product of logical thought,
even though the final product is tied to a logical structure.

- Albert Einstein
03 | From our Product
Centralized Policy Management

Security-as-code (SaC) is an effective and relatively new practice to many engineers. We understand that practitioners want to know how they keep their agility while securing their infrastructure and applications with SaC. And as such, we have shifted gears and our focus to SaC. Our product, website, and blog are now focused on the value companies can reap with SaC, shifting security left, codifying security policies, and more. 

Achieving DevSecOps isn’t as difficult as you may have been led to believe. Learn more about How you can create and enforce policies with Magalix. 

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04 | For those who like to learn
Shift Left Cloud-Native Security withDevOps Mindset

Embedding security directly into development and production workflows - shifting left - creates an organization where developers, DevOps, and SecOps have shared cyber risk and security ownership. 

By enforcing Kubernetes governance, organizations can protect the full container lifecycle with unified policies, minimize the threat landscape, and build security seamlessly into the cloud.

Governance WhitePaper
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