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How to Build a Security-First Culture

In our SaC (Security-as-code) podcast, we talk to industry experts and leaders in cloud security about the most pressing challenges to balance security and agility in today’s evolving and growing threat landscape. 

Check out our latest episode where Mo has a candid conversation with Kevin Eberman about security in the cloud-based infrastructure and applications, its challenges, and how to build a security-first culture in the workplace.





"Security is a journey, not a destination. An audit is a point in time, not where you're going. And that depth of landscape and profile of the threats and DOS attack space change, and that you have to continue to work out. It's a perpetual work in progress..”


Kevin Eberman,

Director of Information Security, Mineral Tree

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Breaking Down the Complexity of Cloud Native Security for Leadership
Breaking Down the Complexity of Cloud-Native Security for Leadership  

Securing Cloud-Native applications can be complex because of the volume of skills and knowledge required, but by having a “shift left” perspective you can start breaking down what areas need to be secured by listing them out. Identify the components that need to be secured at every step of the SDLC.

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Prevent Kubernetes Network Policy Misconfigurations with Policy as Code  

With the growing adoption of Kubernetes, Kubernetes NetworkPolicy became the way to define network security rules in our clusters. A misconfigured NetworkPolicy can expose our infrastructure to huge security risks. Learn how you prevent misconfigurations with policy-as-code

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"The solution to better security is to move humans as far away from production deployments as possible."


Andrew Martin, ControlPlane

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Magalix KubeNotifier

Magalix KubeNotifier lets you know when violations happen in real-time. Filter the type of events you want to receive notifications for and get actionable alerts on the channel of your choice.

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The Ultimate FinTech Guide to Cloud-Native Security and Compliance

The complex and dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure has exponentially increased the challenges of security and compliance, and has brought forth the question: How can organizations in the FinTech sector ensure security and compliance in the fast-paced world of “Build fast, Deliver Fast”?


Check out this whitepaper to learn more about the trends that shape the industry, security and compliance challenges, and how security-as-code can help.

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